Blood: Part Two

Fans of this Japanese series must have been sitting on their hands waiting for the second half to come out. Your wait is finally over. Here it is! As a warning they have left the final episode in Japanese but there are English subtitles.

Episode 26: Those Who Serve Saya: Riku finally awakens from his coma.

Episode 27: Paris, Je T'Aime: Kai meets up with Irene at the Eiffel Tower.

Episode 28: Limited Existence: Irene shows some signs that she is dying.

Episode 29: Cursed Blood: Saya gives Irene some of her blood but it doesn't seem to help.

Episode 30: Joel's Diary: Kai suggest to Saya that she read Joel's diary.

Epsiode 31: Breaking Shield: The battle has began and it is up to Saya to keep the Diva away from Riku.

Episode 32: Boy Meets a Girl: Diva and Carl invade the Red Shield headquarters.

Episode 33: Power of Believing: It is one year after the fall of the Red Shield.

Episode 34: World Where We Exist: Saya returns after her one year absence and demonstrates quickly that she has learned much during that time.

Episode 35: Tomorrow Without Hope: The Schiff are attacked by the Corpse Corps.

Episode 36: Mismatched Feelings: Carl is mad that he isn't the one to kill Saya and wants to go after her.

Episode 37: To the Sheer Level of Madness: Saya and Carl engage in a one on one battle.

Episode 38: Showdown Island: Saya, Hagi, the Schiff and the remaining members of the Red Shield go to Christina Island.

Episode 39: Magic Words Once More: Saya and the members of the Red Shield travel to New York to confront Diva's Chevaliers.

Episode 40: Dreams that Chevaliers Dream: Before the battle, Saya rests and gets her blood transfusions.

Episode 41: Place Where I Belong: Mao cannot decide whether she should stay or go.

Episode 42: Confused Heart: Saya wakes up in an unfamiliar place and not wearing her own clothes.

Episode 43: Into the Light: Lulu arrives for a visit.

Episode 44: Turn the Palm of Your Hand Toward the Sun: Moses arrives at Kai's apartment and starts attacking him.

Episode 45: May Tomorrow Be a Clear Day: Solomon goes to see Diva and her children.

Episode 46: Beyond All Blood: Saya is attacked by James.

Episode 47: Skyscraper Opera: Saya and the others wait at the Metropolitan Opera House for Diva.

Episode 48: Two Queens: Saya tries to explain to the others why she wants to kill Diva.

Episode 49: Nan-kuru-nai-sah: Saya prepares to kill Diva's babies.

Episode 50: Soprano of Miracles: Kai and David search for the Diva.

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