Blood: Volume Four

A popular 50-part anime series that has captured the imagination of millions of fans. It tells the tale of Saya Otonashi, a normal high school student who has amnesia, wages battles versus the evil Chiropterans. Her future path becomes apparent when a stranger gives her a katana. Soon after she is fighting hungry creatures called chiropterans that can alter their shapes to disguise themselves as human beings. Saya becomes part of an organization called The Red Shield who have done battle against these evil creatures for many years. The latest battle takes Red Shield to Ekaterinburg.

Episode 16: Siberian Express: Saya, David and the others get to Russia and meet Liza. They are going to take the train to Ekaterinburg.

Episode 17: Do You Remember the Promise?: Hagi tries to get Saya to rest before she attempts her big mission. Hagi and Saya stop at a village to try to gather some information about Gregory.

Episode 18: Moon Over Ekaterinburg: Saya finally arrives in Ekaterinburg. Kai is frustrated that David does not give him any responsibilities.

Episode 19: Broken Heart: The Chiropterans continue their search for Saya. Saya's dreams confuse her as they seem real like they are memories.

Episode 20: Chevalier: The team finds out that the Liza they met was a chevalier impersonating her. Saya fears that she has become a bloodthirsty chiropteran.

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