Bob Newhart: Button Down Concert

If you loved any of Bob Newhart's sitcoms from the 70s and 80s then you will love this stand up performance. The alter egos he created in television series are not far from his true self and as such the humour is of the same vein. Bob Newhart style is like that unassuming guy that we all know who is quite quiet but really good at telling jokes. The show was recorded in 1995 at the Raymond Theatre in Pasadena, California and was an alternative to fans of comedy who did not enjoy the crass and crude styles of other comedians.

Many people have forgotten that Newhart's career began as a stand up and that he was good enough to get a gig on television. Bob Newhart's motto is that most good comedy comes out of personal experience. He does skits in which he plays all the characters involved and in this performance many of the skits have to do with the types of jobs he has held. He assumes the characters of a bus driver, a security guard at the Empire State Building, a driving school teacher, and a pilot on his first flight. Other skits have as origins things that Newhart has read in the newspapers. The funniest are when he has the one-sided phone conversations with the other characters involved.

Newhart really knows how to milk that deadpan style of his for all it is worth. There has never been anyone who has made such a career out of being the straight man as Bob Newhart. He is unassuming and stutters like nobody's business, but that just makes it funnier. His talent has always been making the ordinary funny and he is a master at it. As they say, good comedy is timeless and this show proves that statement. Newhart tells us that some of the skits are 31 years old and they are still as funny today.

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