Bones: Season Two

Temperance Brennan is a character in novels written by Kathy Reichs. The character is based on Reichs' experiences as a forensic scientist. In the popular television series Temperance Brennan, played with sexy intelligence by Emily Deschanel, is a brilliant forensic anthropologist whose specialty is bones and she writes novels in which the main character is Kathy Reichs. Clever, no?

Bones, as she is dubbed by her investigative partner, FBI agent Steely Booth (David Boreanaz of TVs "Angel"), is able to cull clues out of the decayed remains and bones of bodies, but has little to no social skills. Reason being that she was abandoned as a child and raised in foster homes so the lonely little girl threw herself into science. I guess, that left no time for a social life. Together they solve some of the most baffling crimes and Booth tries to teach her how to act more 'human'. Though nothing of the romantic variety has happened between the two yet there are some sizzly moments à la Scully and Mulder of The X Files.

1)The Titan on the Tracks: At first suicide is the thought when a Senator dies when his car is hit by a train, but there is more to this case than anyone thinks.

2)The Mother and Child in the Bay: A body of a pregnant woman is found in the Delaware Bay and it has been there one year.

3)The Boy in the Shroud: Brennan and Cam clash over Cam's views on the foster care system.

4)The Blonde in the Game: A serial killer manages to torment Brennan even from prison.

5)The Truth in the Lye: After discovering a partially dissolved body at a construction site, Booth and Brennan are also perplexed over its double life.

6)The Girl in Suite 2103: A Columbian diplomat seems to be the intended victim of a bomb at an international drug trafficking conference.

7)The Girl with the Curl: Brennan and Booth are both disturbed while investigating the death of a 10-year-old beauty queen contestant.

8)The Woman in the Sand: Booth and Brennan are mixed up with the sleazy world of underground ultimate fighting while investigating a case.

9)Aliens in a Spaceship: Hodgins and Brennan do everything to stay alive after being buried alive by a serial killer.

10)The Headless Witch in the Woods: Brennan has a new boyfriend, but once again her awful taste in men rears its crazy head.

11)Judas on a Pole: Brennan is upset by the fact that her absentee biological father might have committed a murder.

12)The Man in the Cell: Serial killer Howard Epps is back and once again he is after Brennan.

13)The Girl in the Gator: Booth shoots an ice cream truck and is forced to see a therapist which means Brennan has a new partner for the time being.

14)The Man in the Mansion: After he hides his connection to a case Hodgins jeopardizes the investigation, case and his job.

15)The Bodies in the Book: A copycat is imitating the murders from Brennan's latest novel.

16)The Boneless Bride in the River: It doesn't seem like Brennan will ever be able to finish her vacation without the latest case interrupting.

17)The Priest in the Churchyard: The body of a recent murder washes up when the water main breaks in an historic church cemetery.

18)The Killer in the Concrete: It is the anniversary of Brennan's mother's death and she is not sure if she should turn in her fugitive father.

19)Spaceman in the Crater: Mystery surrounds the death of an astronaut.

20)The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House: Booth and Brennan investigate the stabbing death of a popular chef.

21)Stargazer in a Puddle: Brennan's father returns and has some surprising news about her past.

Special Features: The Memories in the Season featurette, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel

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