Boogeyman 2: Unrated Director’s Cut

Who isn't afraid of the boogeyman? We all have believed in him at one time or another. That is why this is the perfect subject for a horror film. Unfortunately, the material does not live up to the potential.

First of all the killings done by the Boogeyman are all fairly predictable. He uses the fear of each of his victims, which they have clearly stated for us during the course of their time onscreen, to kill them. Yes, they are gross, but it usually happens off-screen, so not all that frightening. Second, there is a scene of female nudity that is so gratuitous that I could not overlook it. Thirdly, this version of Boogeyman has very little to do with the first and so there is no carryover or continuity. Need I go on?

On the eve of Laura's birthday she and her brother Henry are convinced that the Boogeyman is in their old house. Normally you would think that this is just the overactive imaginations of two young kids, but they turn out to be right and the Boogeyman kills their parents.

It is now 10 years later and Laura (Danielle Savre – Bring It On: All or Nothing) is suffering the effects of what happened to her parents. Henry (Matt Cohen – appeared in episodes of Medium and The O.C.) has just been released from a clinic he has been in since the murder of his parents. He has a job interview in San Francisco. Laura is not certain her brother can live on his own. Laura has been having bad dreams and tells Henry that the Boogeyman is waiting for them to be apart from each other so he can finish the job he started 10 years ago. Laura checks into the same clinic her brother was in.

The clinic specializes in dealing with clients with fears – all kinds of fears. Soon after Laura checks in a male patient is found dead. Laura is fearful that the Boogeyman is back. The administration at the clinic is convinced it is an accident. Another male patient dies under suspicious circumstances. The phones are down and that means the doors cannot be buzzed open. Some of the staff is found dead. The rest of the patients are trapped there until morning. Everyone thinks that the patients have all been killed by what they most fear. Laura knows the Boogeyman is back and will kill everyone saving her for last and she wants to stop him.

Special Features:
-Bringing Fear to Life
-Make-Up Effects from Storyboard to Screen
-Boogeyman 2 Trailer
-Previews of Coming to Blu-Ray, Resident Evil: Extinction, Dragon Wars, Zombie Strippers, 30 Days of Night, Black Water, Gabriel, Southland Tales, Rise: Blood Hunter, and

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