Boogeyman 3: Unrated

Nothing original, nothing surprising, nothing scary. It all equals nothing much added to this horror film series. Everything from opening scene to credits is what you would expect. The only addition is that you get to see the Boogeyman in this film.

College sophomore Sarah Morris (Erin Cahill – appeared in episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Without a Trace) sees what she is told is the suicide of her roommate and every goes crazy after it. Sarah fears that what is going on is that the Boogeyman is involved. The rest of her college friends just believe that she is under stress and she cannot convince them. As the evil force grows stronger more of Sarah's friends pay the price. Sarah has to figure out a way to defeat the Boogeyman before it kills any more of her friends.

In the minds of horror producers a sequel is always a good idea. No matter how weak of a script they come up with. No matter how unnecessary another sequel can always be made. I don't know why when the first Boogeyman was not all that great to begin with. With this one the acting is amateurish and the story is, to be quite honest, dull. It is more like a television movie rather than a feature film.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes
-Creating the Boogeyman
-Boogey in Bulgaria
-Deconstructing the Deaths
-Previews of Vacancy 2: The First Cut, The Grudge 3 and The Messengers 2

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