Bratz Babyz: The Movie

Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin have to brave the challenges of the local mall. Twins Nora and Nita's puppy is petnapped by a bully, so the Bratz Babyz try to help them. They escape from their daycare and slip past the security guards at the mall. Once inside the mall the Bratz Babyz split up into two teams in which one group will attempt to fool the bully into giving the puppy up and the other will try to collect the $50 in ransom the bully wants for the puppy. The girls have to be creative and do things like dive into a fountain to collect coins in order to get money, take part in a karaoke contest and even face up to the bully himself. All this while modeling the latest in haute couture for babies. Their greatest challenge will be outsmarting the bully and getting the puppy back before they are noticed to be gone from the daycare.

With voices supplied by Wendie Malick (from television's Just Shoot Me), Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls, Daddy Day Care) and Olivia Hack (The Brady Bunch Movie), the Bratz have become one of the top-selling lines for young girls. They have become this generation of kids Barbie. Young girls go crazy over the movies, dolls, games, and videos. Parents might not be so thrilled about the Bratz's emphasis on clothes, hair and looks, but most of it is quite harmless. The songs will have your kids singing and dancing for months (until the next one comes out) as they watch this movie over and over and over….

Special Features:
-Deleted scene

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