Breaking Bad: The Complete Second Season – Blu-ray Edition

Lead actor Bryan Cranston (previously from Malcolm in the Middle) won an Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Television Series for his role in this series. The show is not what you'd expect from one that deals with drug dealers. It is odd, funny, touching, and just plain good.

Episode 1: Seven Thirty-Seven: Walt and Jesse (played by Aaron Paul) decide it is time to cut ties with Tuco (played by Raymond Cruz).

Episode 2: Grilled: Tuco takes Walt and Jesse hostage.

Episode 3: Bit By a Dead Bee: Hank (played by Dean Norris) gets a lead in his meth investigation.

Episode 4: Down: Skyler (played by Anna Gunn) is pulling away from Walt so he tries to get closer to Walter Jr. (played by RJ Mitte).

Episode 5: Breakage: Walt gets some huge medical bills and realizes he has to start cooking meth again.

Episode 6: Peekaboo: Gretchen (played by Jessica Hecht) pays a visit to the Whites.

Episode 7: Negro Y Azul: Hank's new job in El Paso becomes dangerous.

Episode 8: Better Call Saul: One of Walt and Jesse's dealers get arrested during a drug bust.

Episode 9: 4 Days Out: Walt's cancer takes a turn for the worse and he and Jesse head out to the desert to cook some meth.

Episode 10: Over: Jesse and Jane's (played by Krysten Ritter) relationship goes sour after they run into someone unexpectedly.

Episode 11: Mandala: A rival drug gang comes after Jesse's dealers.

Episode 12: Phoenix: Walt makes an important decision.

Episode 13: ABQ: Walt has to take control of the business after Jesse has a breakdown after a tragedy happens to him.

Special Features: The Writer's Lab – An Interactive Guide to the Elements of ABZ, Inside Breaking Bad, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Cop Talk with Dean Norris, Behind the Scenes, Breaking Bad Original Webisodes, Walt's Warning, Season 3 Sneak Peek, Vince Gilligan's Photo Gallery, "Negro Y Azul" Music Video, Making of "Negro Y Azul", Season 1 Recap

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