Cannon: Season 2 – Volume 1

Cannon (played by William Conrad) was certainly a different kind of private investigator. He was crabby, overweight and worked alone. Certainly not as sophisticated as other television private eyes. Despite this the series was quite successful during its 5 year run. Season two was probably when the series was at its most popular and even got an Emmy nomination for Best Drama Series.

Episode 1: Bad Cats and Sudden Death: While the assistant DA is investigating a car theft ring he is framed for his wife's murder.

Episode 2: Sky Above, Death Below: On his way to the Yukon a draft dodger witnesses a murder.

Episode 3: Bitter Legion: Going undercover, Cannon tries to locate a Vietnam Vet in a gang.

Episode 4: That Was No Lady: A lawyer, who is defending two men charged with multiple robberies, is attacked several times.

Episode 5: Stakeout: A girl injured during a holdup refuses to identify the man responsible.

Episode 6: The Predators: Odd stuff is going on when a trap for coyotes links a dead man to smuggling.

Episode 7: A Long Way Down: Clues lead Cannon to a doctor who is accused of dealing drugs.

Episode 8: The Rip-Off: Cannon finds himself in the middle of a custody battle.

Episode 9: Child of Fear: After a rancher goes missing and a security company takes over, Cannon is hired which throws a wrench into the security company's ulterior motives.

Episode 10: The Shadow Man: A woman claims her husband fell off a cliff, but it is suspicious when they cannot find the body nor his fortune in bonds.

Episode 11: Hear No Evil: Laura Corey (played by Lynette Mettey), a former cop who worked with Cannon, hires him when her husband, a electronics surveillance expert, receives threats.

Episode 12: The Endangered Species: Cannon's friend is charged with a murder that in actuality his lawyer committed.

Special Features: Episode Promos, Trailers for Mannix, Mission: Impossible, Hawaii 5-0

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