Canterbury’s Law: The Complete Series

We all got to know actress Julianna Margulies as the nurse with the heart of gold on the television series ER. With this series she plays a completely different character. Elizabeth Canterbury is a cold, brilliant, tough-as-nails attourney, who revels in taking on seemingly impossible cases. Though her methods might be questionable it is never in doubt that she will go to any length to help her clients. It takes some adjusting to, but once you accept Margulies as the character you realize this is a good show. Too bad the network did not give this series a chance as they cancelled it after only 6 episodes.

Episode 1: Canterbury's Law: A convicted sex offender is charged with the murder of a young boy, Elizabeth (Julianna Margulies) takes the case and her strategy is to cast suspicion on the victim's father.

Episode 2: Baggages: A former mental patient is Elizabeth's latest client. He has been accused of murder after he brought a bag containing human remains to the police.

Episode 3: What Goes Around: While working to free her client, a bank robber, Elizabeth faces a probe that could lead to her being disbarred due to jury tampering.

Episode 4: Sweet Sixteen: Elizabeth takes the case of a 16-year-old girl who is accused of arranging the murder of her popular high school classmate.

Episode 5: Trade-Off: Elizabeth is about to plead guilty to jury tampering when her staff digs up something on the Deputy Attourney General's own misdeeds.

Episode 6: Sick as Your Secrets: Elizabeth takes the case of a man who has admitted to raping a woman 15 years ago.

Special Features: Previews of Damages: Season 1, The Lazarus Project, Rescue Me (Seasons 1-4), and The Shield (Seasons 1-6)

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