Care Bears: Grizzle-ly Adventures

A gift from heaven for parents who are trying to get their hopped up on holidays sweets kids to quiet down for a spell is this DVD. It includes two episodes from the Care Bears television show which have not been aired as of yet.

The Care Bears live in an enchanted land above the clouds but keep a close eye on the world beneath them for children who are having a hard time. Through their songs and adventures kids learn important lessons.

Grizzle is a new bear who lives in the Care Bear's neighbourhood. Grizzle is not like the Care Bears in that he is a mean little bear who dresses up in a big robot suit and not friendly.

Episode 1: Broken: Share Bear's favourite necklace is needed to fix her robot friend, Wingnut, Share Bear decides to go to Grizzle for help instead.

Episode 2: Emma's Dilemma: Lots of things are missing all over Care-a-Lot and the Care Bears allow Emma to help them search for the missing things. It becomes very complicated when, thanks to Grizzle, Emma disappears as well.

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