Cashmere Mafia: The Complete Series

Girl power is back on television again! No the Powerpuff Girls are not out with a new series, but the creator of "Sex and the City" (Darren Star) has put of another female friendship show.

Four female friends living in New York and trying to get ahead in the cutthroat world of business rely on each other for support, advice and the occasional wake up call. Mia (played by Lucy Liu) is a publisher, Juliet (played by Miranda Otta) is a CEO, Zoe (played by Frances O'Connor) is a top business executive, and Caitlin (played by Bonnie Somerville) is a marketing executive. We see their work and private lives and quickly realize that these women have to work hard to outpace the men during the day and come home to often stressful home situations. No rest for the successful.

Episode 1: Pilot: Mia, Juliet, Zoe and Caitlin have been friends since high school and now they are working in the dog eat dog city of New York.

Episode 2: Conference Call: Zoe has to rethink her life when she catches an attractive stay-at-home mom flirting with her husband.

Episode 3: Dangerous Liaisons: Juliet considers cheating to get back at her husband.

Episode 4: The Deciders: Mia tries to make her ex-fiance, Jack (played by Tom Everett Scott), jealous with another man.

Episode 5: Stay With Me: It seems like it is divorce for Juliet and Davis (played by Peter Hermann).

Episode 6: Yours, Mine and Hers: Alicia (played by Lourdes Benedicto) tells Caitlin that she wants to have a child.

Episode 7: Dog Eat Dog: Zoe tries, with little success, to be the perfect mother.

Special Features: Revenge Sex: You Get As Good As You Give, Move In Or Move Out, Kiss My Glass Ceiling, Pick A Team, Any Team

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