Cheers: The Final Season

For the 11 years this television show was on it was one of the most loved and highest rated comedies on. Most shows end on a low note but that was not the case with Cheers. Its 11th and final season was one of its strongest. Everyone's story has kinda wrapped up so they were able to concentrate more on the comedy this season. It is a comedy television classic that appealed to everyone.

Episode 1: The Little Match Girl: Rebecca's (played by Kirstie Alley) smoking and accidentally sets the bar on fire.

Episode 2: The Beer is Always Greener: Carla (played by Rhea Perlman) has to find another job while Cheers is being rebuilt.

Episode 3: The King of Beers: Norm (played by George Wendt) takes on a new job as a beer taster at a brewery.

Episode 4: The Magnificent Six: Rebecca tries desperately to quit smoking.

Episode 5: Do Not Forsake Me O' My Postman: Maggie (played by Annie Golden) returns and tells Cliff (played by John Ratzenberger) that she is pregnant with his baby.

Episode 6: Teaching With the Enemy, Part 1: Rebecca sees Lilith (played by Bebe Neuwirth) with another man and isn't sure whether she should tell Frasier.

Episode 7: The Girl in the Plastic Bubble, Part 2: Fraser (played by Kelsey Grammar) threatens to jump from a ledge when Lilith tells him she is to be sealed in a plastic hemisphere for one year with her lover.

Episode 8: Ill-Gotten Gaines: Rebecca plans to have Thanksgiving Dinner at Cheers.

Episode 9: Feelings…Whoa, Whoa, Whoa: Cliff thinks that Hitler has moved into his building.

Episode 10: Daddy's Little Middle-Aged Girl: Woody (played by Woody Harrelson) tries to get Kelly (played by Jackie Swanson) to move in with him.

Episode 11: Love Me, Love My Car: Sam (played by Ted Danson) changes his mind about selling his car and tries to seduce the buyer's widow (played by Dana Delany) to get it back.

Episode 12: Sunday Dinner: Frasier decides that it is time for him to start dating.

Episode 13: Norm's Big Audit: Sam does not want the gang to watch a tape of one of his old baseball games.

Episode 14: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Bar: Robin (played by Roger Rees) returns but he is broke though he remembers something that will change that.

Episode 15: Loathe and Marriage: Despite Carla's protests her daughter wants her father (played by Dan Hedaya) to walk her down the aisle.

Episode 16: Is There a Doctor in the Howe, Part 1: The gang tries to cheer Frasier up after his divorce becomes official by throwing him a party.

Episode 17: The Bar Manager, the Shrink, His Wife and Her Lover, Part 2: Lilith returns only to find Frasier is with Rebecca.

Episode 18: The Last Picture Show: Sam and the guys go to the last showing at the local drive-in.

Episode 19: Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey: Sam gets Harry the Hat (played by Harry Anderson) to help him play a prank on Gary's Old Towne Tavern.

Episode 20: Look Before You Sleep: Sam locks his house keys in the bar and has trouble finding a place to sleep for the night.

Episode 21: Woody Get an Election: Frasier decides to conduct an experiment by putting Woody on the ballot for city council.

Episode 22: It's Lonely on the Top: After a night of drinking, Carla tells Sam that she slept with one of the regulars but can't remember who.

Episode 23: Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses, Part 1: Cliff puts his mom (played by Esther Sternhagen) in a retirement home but the gang thinks he has killed her.

Episode 24: Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses, Part 2: Kelly's father Walter (played by Richard Doyle) invites Rebecca to the symphony and she thinks it is a date.

Episode 25: The Guy Can't Help It: Sam joins a sex addict group.

Episode 26: One for the Road: The gang sees Diane Chambers (played by Shelley Long) winning an award on television.

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