Coach: The Second Season

I had to read it twice to make sure but apparently this sitcom won Emmy Awards. Hard to believe. Not because it was so awful just that it certainly was not a stand out for me. Craig T. Nelson plays Hayden Fox who is the head coach of the Minnesota State University's football team. We follow him on the job, as he tries to deal with his college-age daughter and his romantic relationship with his girlfriend Christine (played by Shelley Fabares). A mild amount of chuckles ensue.

Episode 1: I Don't Know Much About Art, But I Know What Makes Me Mad: Hayden does not want to go to an art exhibit with Christine so Luther (played by Jerry Van Dyke) goes instead.

Episode 2: Dauber's Got a Girl: Dauber (played by Bill Fagerbakke) finds himself attracted to the coach of the women's basketball team.

Episode 3: Bring Me the Head of Stuart Rosebrock: Hayden begins by being happy that Kelly (played by Clare Carey) breaks up with Stuart (played by Kris Kamm) but quckly realizes that he needs Stuart to keep Kelly in school.

Episode 4: If a Coach Falls in the Woods: Kelly and Stuart surprise Hayden when they tell him they are getting married.

Episode 5: If Keith Jackson Calls, I'll Be At My Therapist's: When Hayden develops an eye twitch he goes to a hypnotist to cure it.

Episode 6: I'm In the Mood for Luther: Christine has the idea of setting Luther up with her widowed neighbour.

Episode 7: A Man and a Woman (And Two Theatre Majors): Hayden and Christine's romantic anniversary weekend is ruined when Kelly declares that her marriage is over.

Episode 8: The Investment: Luther and Hayden become co-owners of a popular club.

Episode 9: I've Got a Secret: Hayden is furious with Christine when she divulges a Screaming Eagle secret to a broadcaster.

Episode 10: The Curley O'Brien Award: After a winning season Hayden expects to win the university's highest athletic award.

Episode 11: The Rosebrocks of Wisconsin: Hayden is jealous when Kelly spends her free time with Stuart's family.

Episode 12: Coaches Conference: For the first time Hayden is invited to take part in the prestigious college coaches conference in Memphis.

Episode 13: Carnival Knowledge: Hayden is expected to help out at a fund-raising event for Coach Watkins' (played by Pam Stone) team.

Episode 14: Haven't I Slept With You Somewhere Before?: The University's new president turns out to be a woman Hayden dumped cruelly years before.

Episode 15: Home Wreckers: Christine leaves Hayden alone in her neat and newly decorated apartment.

Episode 16: Professor Doolittle: The University's new president (played by Robin Strasser) makes Hayden teach a history course.

Episode 17: Sunshine on my Shoulder Makes Me Happy: A Show About Bird Ransom: Luther asks Hayden to watch his pet parrot for the weekend and the bird is kidnapped.

Episode 18: Kelly Girl: Kelly offers to take the place of Hayden's secretary who has gone on vacation.

Episode 19: A Jerk at the Opera: When Christine and a good looking ex attend the opera Hayden follows them in disguise.

Episode 20: Poodle Springs: Dauber is nervous about meeting Judy's parents so he asks Hayden and Christine along for support.

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