Columbo: Mystery Movie Collection 1989

After not playing the legendary rumpled trenchcoat-wearing detective Columbo for around ten years in 1989 Peter Falk came back to the small screen with several television movies and five of them are found in this DVD collection. Never has a more seemingly inept detective solved so many cases and won so many fans in the process. Columbo was a detective that everyone could relate to as he had no bulging muscles or glamourous looks – he just solved every case that he came across. This was a character who had more ticks and mannerisms than your average Joe, but they never got in the way, usually they even helped, of him figuring everything out. Using his famous line of "One more thing" Columbo is able to slowly and politely solve crimes despite how each criminal believes he or she has committed the 'perfect' crime.

Disc One:
Columbo Goes to the Guillotine: Columbo is on the trail of a murderer who offed a magician who was seemingly killed during one of his signature magic tricks.

Murder, Smoke and Shadows: The clues that Columbo finds himself sifting through are to be found on the cutting-room floor in this case. A powerful film director is concealing evidence that could prove useful to the detective.

Special Features:
-Sneak peeks of The Office, Saturday Night Live, House, Alias, Smith and Jones, Northern Exposure, Quantum Leap, Knight Rider, The A-Team, and Magnum P.I.

Disc Two:
Sex and the Married Detective: Columbo goes up against a sex therapist who is involved with a crime of passion.

Grand Deceptions: An esteemed military general is murdered and Columbo finds the investigation especially difficult. Especially when Columbo's major suspect turns out to be a colonel.

Disc Three:
Murder, A Self Portrait: Everything is a confused mess when Columbo has a case involving an artist, his disturbed ex-wife, his lonely wife and his live-in girlfriend.

Special Features:
-America's Top Sleuths

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