Conviction: The Complete Series

When you have a series from the mind of Law and Order creator Dick Wolf then you know you are going to be getting quality. Unfortunately this series did not gain an audience and was cancelled after only one season. After watching the DVD I was even more shocked of the cancellation because it is a fast-paced series with interesting storylines and characters. I guess there is no accounting for the television watching public's taste when this series gets cancelled and something like Ghost Whisperer is doing ratings boffo. Maybe there were too many characters, maybe due to the focus on the attourneys' private lives it was seen as too fluffy, what ever the reason, NBC was too quick to cancel this series that had some potential.

As it is a Dick Wolf series it is based in New York and it is about the legal system. Conviction focused on the District Attourney's office and its young ADAs. The five young attourneys try to juggle their limited and messed up personal lives with their huge caseloads all while learning their jobs as they go. They are given guidance and answer to ADA Alexandra Cabot and ADA Jim Steele.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Pilot: Nick Potter (Jordan Bridges – Mona Lisa Smile, Drive Me Crazy) is hired to be a member of the District Attourney's Office. Assistant D.A. Mike is shot and killed after the office decides to investigate a drug lord.

Episode 2: Denial: ADA Brian Peluso (Eric Balfour – from television's Six Feet Under) tries a hate crime in which a black high school student beats up a gay white student. Jim Steele (Anson Mount – In Her Shoes, Boiler Room) works on a case a younger brother beating his older bullying brother to death with a baseball bat.

Episode 3: Break Up: Nick's friend Luke (Tim Peper – The Greatest Game Ever Played) gets arrested on a drug charge and puts Nick in an awkward situation. ADA Christina Finn (Julianne Nicholson – Kinsey, Little Black Book) works on a case of a 12-year-old terminal cancer girl who committed suicide.

Episode 4: Indebted: Nick goes out on a ride along with the police. ADA Billy Desmond (J. August Richards – Good Burger, Why Do Fools Fall in Love) investigates a case involving a hip hop artist assaulting a magazine mogul. Jessica Rossi's (Milena Govich – appeared in episodes of Law and Order and Rescue Me) client does not want to testify against her husband who assaulted her.

Special Features:
-Sneak peeks of Miami Vice (TV series), Monk, Law and Order, The Incredible Hulk, Columbo, Murder, She Wrote, Amazing Stories, Northern Exposure, and Quantum Leap

Disc Two:
Episode 5: Savasana: A shaken baby case lands on Christina's desk. Billy is trying a rape case in which the rape happened in 1974. Bureau Chief Alex Cabot (Stephanie March – Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Head of State) is not sure of her feelings for her boyfriend.

Episode 6: Madness: Steele tells Jessica he wants more from their relationship. Billy tries psychiatric cases. Potter starts trying cases. Christina works with Bob the Beast.

Episode 7: True Love: Potter is mugged at gunpoint. Lisa (Jill Flint – Garden State) wants to move in with Brian which forces him to gamble to come up with his part of the deposit. Jessica works on a rape and imprisonment case.

Episode 8: Downhill: Brian works on a case with Alex. Christina starts dating Dr. Lucas (Greg Naughton – appeared in an episode of Law and Order). Jessica tries a rape case which ends up being tied to Alex's case.

Episode 9: The Wall: Steele has trouble with the judge on his case. Alex makes Potter and Christina take an acting class. Potter admits to Christina that he let his mugger go.

Disc Three:
Episode 10: Deliverance: Steele battles an accused murderess, who defends herself. Christina finds out about Jessica and Steele's relationship. Jessica tries a case against a lawyer who used to work in the D.A.'s office.

Episode 11: Indiscretion: Alex and her fiancé throw an engagement party. Peluso gets involved in an arson case of a man who faked being dead. Potter is still haunted by the mugging.

Episode 12: 180.80: A congressman's daughter is murdered and Alex handles the case. The whole team races against the clock to get some evidence.

Episode 13: Hostage: Potter, Jessica, Peluso, and Christina are held hostage in a courtroom. Desmond, Alex and Steele work on the outside to free them.

Bonus Materials:
-Seven profiles

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