Corteo: Cirque du Soleil – Blu-ray Edition

Cirque du Soleil has meant artistry and wonder for many a year now. They have become the premiere 'circus' troupe worldwide. Yay Montreal! Their show Corteo is no different.

The word corteo means cortege in Italian and is a festival as imagined by a clown. He imagines his own funeral if it were to take place at a carnival. The whole proceedings are watched over by angels. The message is about the humanity that resides in every last one of us. A message that we dearly need to be reminded of from time to time.

The clown is like the ringmaster or narrator in this wonderful show. There is the usual little bit of everything in the show with acrobatics, comedy, acting, wonderful music, and fun.

You will sit in wonderment while watching this show in high definition. At times the picture is so clear and the sound so crisp that you will think you are taking in the show live.

Special Features: Photo Montage Gallery, A Day in the Life of Corteo Artists, Teatro Intimo, Through the Curtain, Filming Of

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