Criminal Minds: Season 4

The FBI has a Behaviour Analysis Unit that studies and hunts down the most dangerous of criminals across the United States. Doesn't that allow you to sleep better? Well, it does not allow for much sleep for Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner (played by Thomas Gibson) and his crack team. They constantly have some twisted baddie they are pursuing. On second thought, maybe I am not sleeping any better…

Episode 1: Mayhem: An SUV in New York explodes and one of the BAU team members might be in it.

Episode 2: The Angel Maker: A series of murders happening in Ohio seem to be linked to a serial killer who was killed over a year ago.

Episode 3: Minimal Loss: A federal raid on a cult's compound goes awry and Prentiss (played by Paget Brewster) and Reid (played by Matthew Gray), who were undercover, are taken hostage.

Episode 4: Paradise: The BAU joins in on a manhunt for a serial killer loose in Nevada.

Episode 5: Catching Out: A serial killer is working in California who seems to choose victims who are located near the railway.

Episode 6: The Instincts: The case they are working on forces Reid to remember some childhood memories he has repressed.

Episode 7: Memoriam: Reid discovers some connections between his case in Nevada and his own childhood.

Episode 8: Masterpiece: A psychopath admits to having killed seven people and that more will happen if the BAU doesn't figure out who and where they are.

Episode 9: 52 Pickup: A serial killer seems to be able to pick up any woman he wants and then after seducing them kills them.

Episode 10: Brothers in Arms: Morgan (played by Shemar Moore) is personally involved in the latest case in which a serial killer targets police officers.

Episode 11: Normal: The BAU is called in to help capture the "Road Warrior", a serial killer who shoots blonde women driving on the freeway.

Episode 12: Soul Mates: The partner of a pair of serial killers seems to have abducted a girl from a wealthy family in Florida.

Episode 13: Bloodline: A family seems to have abducted a woman in Alabama.

Episode 14: Cold Comfort: A Seattle serial killer is abducting, killing then embalming his victims.

Episode 15: Zoe's Reprise: A Cleveland serial killer seems to be paying homage to previous murderers by using their methods.

Episode 16: Pleasure is My Business: Posing a high-class prostitute, a serial killer is able to lure high powered businessmen in for the kill.

Episode 17: Demonology: Prentiss finds herself too personally involved in the BAU's present case.

Episode 18: Omnivore: A serial killer from one of Hotchner's first cases makes a return 10 years later.

Episode 19: House on Fire: A serial killer in Indiana kills his victims by setting fires to community meeting places.

Episode 20: Conflicted: South Padre Island seems to be a dangerous place for Spring Break vacationers.

Episode 21: A Shade of Gray: While investigating its latest murder the BAU realizes that they may have made a mistake with their last arrest.

Episode 22: The Big Wheel: A serial killer in Buffalo sends a tape of his work to the BAU.

Episode 23: Roadkill: In Bend, Oregon the car of serial killer seems to be the weapon he uses.

Episode 24: Amplification: The BAU has to react quickly when a serial killer releases anthrax on the public at large.

Episode 25: To Hell…And Back, Part 1: The BAU has to chase a serial killer all the way into Canada.

Episode 26: To Hell…And Back, Part 2: A BAU team member might be the target of a serial killer from the past.

Special Features: Gag Reel, Working the Scene: A Look Behind the Scenes of 11 Episodes

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