Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas

Curious George has been around for years and is one of the most loved animated characters not created by Disney. George is a monkey so full of wonder and curiosity that he is completely lovable.

In this Christmas themed adventure George and the Man with the Yellow Hat are having a good time counting down the days until Christmas. The only thing that is bringing each of them down this holiday season is the fact that they cannot figure out what to buy each other. The Man in the Yellow Hat is having a hard time reading George's wish list and George cannot figure out what to buy the man who has everything. As Christmas morning is rapidly approaching each is in a race to find a gift that will make the other happy.

Chock full of everything kids like from animation – colour, music and a good story. Plus everything their parents will approve of like a sweet story and a lesson about finding a meaningful gift for someone rather than just giving for giving's sake. Everyone will be happy while watching this film.

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