Curious George: Zoo Night and Other Animal Stories

Anytime PBS produces a television series you know you are going to get quality. This is even true when it comes to an animated series. PBS produced these 8 television shows starring that cute monkey, Curious George. The series is narrated by award-winning actor William H. Macy.

Curious George has been loved by generations of kids and his popularity is current going through a resurgence due to the recent film. He gets the name Curious in an honest manner due to the fact that he is the most curious monkey you will ever meet. George is curious about everything and he also likes to play, explore and build things. Sometimes due to his eagerness what he takes on is too much for him to handle and he gets himself in some messes. In the end, though, Curious George always gets himself out of trouble and even sometimes ends up saving the day.

Kids of all ages will enjoy the colourful animation and all of George's adventures. The good part is that while watching these episodes they will learn some math, science and simple engineering at the same time.

Zoo Night:
Director: Frank Marino

George goes to the zoo to watch the baby panda. He is completely fascinated. Due to his exuberance he accidentally frees some of the animals from the zoo. Later he has to use maps and signs in order to figure out where they all live.

Curious George's Bunny Hunt:
Director: Scott Heming

You have to use counting and logic while following George after he discovers that different animals leave different tracks.

Bee Is For Bear:
Director: Dean Criswell

The lesson for the day for George is that all living things act differently. George learns this lesson courtesy of a baby bear and a stinging bee.

Curious George's Home For Pigeons:
Directors: Scott Heming and Steve Socki

After many failures, George finally builds the perfect perch for pigeons.

From Scratch!:
Director: Scott Heming

George tries to gather evidence to prove that Gnocchi the cat is not guilty of what he has been accused of.

Curious George, Dog Counter:
Director: Frank Marino

George finds out that not all dogs are the same shape or size after a group of award-winning puppies follow him home.

Squirrel For A Day:
Director: Scott Heming

George discovers that Jumpy squirrel stores his food in the ground which leads to him learning a lesson about growth.

Curious George Discovers The 'Poles:
Directors: Frank Marino and Steve Socki

Babysitting a friend's tadpoles teaches George about the cycle of life.

Special Features:
-Daily Donuts game
-Magic Numbers game
-DVD-ROM feature: printable colouring page

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