Damon Wayans: Still Standing

Originally aired as an HBO stand-up comedy special about 10 years ago, Damon Wayans goes back to his roots of stand-up for this DVD. Damon Wayans is probably the best known Wayans of that well-known comedic family. The special was filmed live in New York City and was made at the height of Wayans success with the television show "In Living Colour". His stand-up routine includes his observations on topics as varied as life, kids, work, women, masturbation, Disneyland, and many others. He poses the all-important questions of "What if Ghandi's wife was a nag?" and "Would the U.S. be better run if our national advisor was a pimp?". Obviously his comedy takes root in the absurd and the ridiculous. No subject is off limits and no one is safe from his mocking or criticism. Wayans makes fun of celebrities, the government and even his own kids. His comedic style includes much physical acting out of his jokes, which is especially effective during his musings on sex. Due to the fact that this was originally done in the mid-90s his rants on AIDS and Magic Johnson and the O.J. Simpson trial are a little dated. He is not my favourite comedian and I was actually offended by some of his material (especially when he equated his whining son with a homosexual), but there are definitely some good moments in this performance.

Special Features:
-Trailers for Big Black Comedy, Volume 1 and Gas

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