Date Movie: Unrated

Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan – from television's Buffy) is desperately looking for love and finding no success. She, in her desperation, goes to see a 'date doctor' named Hitch (Tony Cox – Bad Santa, Me, Myself & Irene) and he gives her hints/tips on how to find a man. After undergoing liposuction and plastic surgery, Julia takes part in a type of 'The Bachelor' reality show. She wins and begins dating Grant Funkyerdoder (Adam Campbell – first film), a wealthy British bachelor. Initially there are a few awkward moments, but the couple really hit it off and Julia brings Grant to meet her parents, Frank (Eddie Griffin – Scary Movie 3, John Q) and Linda (Meera Simhan – first feature film). The evening is basically a disaster, but Grant proposes to Julia anyways and she accepts. Frank is apprehensive about the union but agrees to take a trip in order to meet Grant's parents, Bernie (Fred Willard – Chicken Little, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy) and Roz (Jennifer Coolidge – Legally Blonde, American Dreamz). The completely different natures of the two families put a lot of strain on the couple. Adding to that strain is the fact that Grant's best man is his friend Andy (Sophie Monk – London), who is an incredible looking woman who Adam was engaged to previously and now wants him back.

Like the Scary Movie series did with horror films, date Movie uses different films and television shows in order to poke fun at the romantic movie genre. No one and nothing in Hollywood is spared by this film. Date Movie makes fun of stars such as Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez. Director Aaron Seltzer (first film) also uses the films Hitch, Meet the Fockers, Pretty Woman, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Lord of the Rings and television shows such as The Bachelor and Pimp My Car as fodder for humour. I should say that Seltzer attempts to make a funny movie using all this material, but he fails horribly. The gags are so old, predictable, unoriginal and just plain not funny that it was verging on painful to watch this film. In spoof movies of this type (Scary Movie, Spaceballs, Austin Powers, etc.) you expect the humour to be stupid, but not boring as it was in this film. The cast was not the problem, as they courageously tried to deliver this unfunny material, but the direction and the script definitely were. You will laugh at a few of the parts, which are the parts you have already seen in the previews, but not enough to make it worthwhile.

Special Features:
-12 Deleted/extended/alternate scenes
-On Dating featurette
-Fox movie channel presents Making a Spoof – includes the "secret" diary of a noted film director
-Andy's cherry stem surprise
-Fun with casting audition tapes
-The Quickie: Date movie in six minutes
-Romantic screensavers
-Gag reel
-The hard sell – promotional material
-Inside look at The Omen, Trust the Man and Thank You For Smoking

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