Dawson’s Creek: The Complete Sixth Season

Sniff! Sniff! This DVD is of the last season of those crazy kids from the small town of Capeside, North Carolina who we knew and loved. Dawson's Creek was very popular in its time and made stars of Katie Holmes (She will always be Katie to me), James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson. Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes turn in especially good performances this season. We grew up right alongside these kids, felt their pains and heartaches, shared in their joys and related with everything they were going through. Series creator Kevin Williamson really knew how to make a series that was light and had depth all at the same time. These kids were all friends since childhood and now are adults with jobs or going to university. It is definitely not a happy season for many of the characters as there is more heartache, disappointment and tension between the characters. The only complaint I have about the season is that there was not enough interaction between the characters. This season featured regular appearances by Oliver Hudson, Brittany Daniel, Chad Michael Murray, and Michael Pitt and guest appearances by Mel Harris, Ali Larter, Rachel Leigh Cook, Marla Gibbs, Andy Griffith, Sherilyn Fenn, Jack Osbourne, No Doubt, Mimi Rodgers, and Virginia Madsen.

Disc 1:
Episode 1: The Kids Are Alright: At the end of summer the friends reunite in Boston and the ongoing romance between Dawson and Joey starts up again.

Episode 2: The Song Remains the Same: Joey and Dawson's romance ends when she discovers he was seeing an actress in Los Angeles.

Episode 3: The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest: Joey accidentally sends her revealing email to Dawson to the whole student body. Pacey realizes, the hard way, what his new job is all about.

Episode 4: Instant Karma: Audrey catches Pacey in a lie. The arrival of the lead actress from the film he is working on proves uncomfortable for Dawson.

Episode 5: The Imposters: Dawson puts his neck on the line to keep Natasha on the film. Audrey becomes the lead singer of Emma's band.

Episode 6: Living Dead Girl: Dawson suspects that the director Todd and Natasha are having an affair.

Disc 2:
Episode 7: Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell: Joey realizes that Audrey's drinking is getting out of hand. The news that Professor Freeman is moving to Chicago forces Jack to make some decisions.

Episode 8: Spiderwebs: At a No Doubt concert Jen tries and fails to get Pacey and Audrey back together due to what happened between C.J. and Audrey.

Episode 9: Everything Put Together Falls Apart: Joey spends the night at Eddie's and this puts her scholarship in jeopardy. Pacey and Emma go to an office party together, but she does not know about the 'hot date' contest.

Episode 10: Merry Mayhem: Audrey, who is now completely out of control, ruins Christmas dinner at the Leery house.

Episode 11: Day Out of Days: Upon completion of the film, an opportunity arises for Dawson. Joey has to deal with Professor Hetson's handful of a daughter.

Episode 12: All the Right Moves: Pacey gets a promotion and Audrey a second chance. Joey gets back together with Eddie.

Disc 3:
Episode 13: Rock Bottom: Joey and Eddie go on a cross country trip in order to get Audrey into rehab. Directing in Hollywood is harder than Dawson thought it would be.

Episode 14: Clean and Sober: Dawson visits Audrey in rehab. Pacey and Jack throw a party.

Episode 15: Castaways: Pacey and Joey end up locked up together for an evening inside a store.

Episode 16: That Was Then: Dawson talks to students at Capeside High about careers at the same time that Pacey returns home because his father has suffered a heart attack.

Episode 17: Sex and Violence: Dawson has trouble with the thought of making a film he does not want to and Joey becomes Pacey's assistant.

Episode 18: Love Bites: Eddie comes back and Joey does not know how to handle it. Dawson returns to Capeside to finish his script.

Disc 4:
Episode 19: Loveliness: During a benefit session of "Loveliness" the problems between Joey and Eddie, Jen and C.J. and Jack and David surface.

Episode 20: Catch-22: Eddie surprises Joey with a big end of the semester gift. Pacey goes into a meltdown at work after his favourite stock crashes.

Episode 21: Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road: Pacey does not know how to tell Dawson about his investment loss. Jen tries to get her mother to help Grams during her latest battle against cancer.

Episode 22: Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption: Joey gathers the friends all together to help Dawson with his film.

Episode 23: All Good Things…: It is five years in the future and Dawson and the gang are reunited in Capeside at his mother's wedding.

Episode 24: …Must Come to an End: How serious Jen's illness is becomes obvious which causes Dawson and the gang to try and kiss and make up.

Special Features:
-Exclusive scrapbook
-Previews of Dawson's Creek, Ladies' Night, I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched (TV)

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