Deadwood: The Complete Series

By the looks of it Deadwood (an actual place) must have been a hell of a place to live in during the time of the goldrush in the American West. Death, murder, drinking, prostitutes, gambling, and lawlessness were all to be found in abundance in Deadwood. For periods of time the actual historical figures of Seth Bullock, Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok lived there. Hickok was actually killed in Deadwood.

The series, created by the wonderful David Milch (also worked on Hillstreet Blues and NYPD Blues), is very raw. With plenty of foul language, violence and sex, you certainly won't be bored while watching it. Though if you are easily offended maybe you should forego watching the series. If you can get past this then it is a well-written, complex and well-acted ensemble drama from HBO that was prematurely cancelled after the 3rd season.

Season 1: Episode 1: Pilot: Seth Bullock (played by Timothy Olyphant) and Sol Star (played by John Hawkes) relocate from Montana to Deadwood to open a hardware store.

Episode 2: Deep Water: Wild Bill Hickok (played by Keith Carradine) asks Bullock to watch over him while he plays cards.

Episode 3: Reconnoitering the Rim: Al Swearengen (played by Ian McShane), owner of the saloon The Gem, gets some competition in the form of the Bella Union, run by Joanie Stubbs (played by Kim Dickens), Cy Tolliver (played by Powers Boothe) and Eddie Sawyer (played by Ricky Jay).

Episode 4: Here Was a Man: Brom Garrett's (played by Timothy Omundson) body is brought back to Deadwood and his wife Alma (played by Molly Parker) suspects he was murdered.

Episode 5: The Trial of Jack McCall: Calamity Jane (played by Robin Weigert) is off on a bender while Deadwood hosts a trial.

Episode 6: Plague: Swearengen ask Farnum (played by William Sanderson) to keep an eye on Alma and Trixie (played by Paula Malcomson).

Episode 7: Bullock Returns to the Camp: Alma is not interested in selling her claim, especially not to Farnum.

Episode 8: Suffer the Little Children: Deadwood breathes a collective sigh of relief when riders arrive with the vaccine against smallpox and news of a treaty with the Sioux.

Episode 9: No Other Sons or Daughters: Swearengen calls a meeting with the intention of setting up an informal government in Deadwood.

Episode 10: Mister Wu: Reverend Smith (played by Ray McKinnon) is attracted to the Gem's new piano.

Episode 11: Jewel's Boot is Made for Walking: Alma's father, Otis Russell (played by William Russ), arrives from New York to help her work her claim.

Episode 12: Sold Under Sin: Bullock and Alma have a late night meeting.

Season 2: Episode 1: A Lie Agreed Upon, Part 1: Swearengen taunts Bullock about his relationship with Alma and that leads to a violent fight.

Episode 2: A Lie Agreed Upon, Part 2: Bullock's wife, Martha (played by Anna Gunn) and child, William (played by Josh Eriksson), arrive in Deadwood and he does not know what to do.

Episode 3: New Money: Swearengen's condition worsens due to kidney stones.

Episode 4: Requiem for a Gleet: Ellsworth (played by Jim Beaver) chases Wolcott (played by Garrett Dillahunt), and agent for George Hearst, off of Alma's claim.

Episode 5: Complications: Alma does not feel well in the mornings.

Episode 6: Something Very Expensive: A shipment of Chinese prostitutes arrives in Deadwood.

Episode 7: E.B. Was Left Out: Joanie returns to the Bella Union and Tolliver.

Episode 8: Childish Things: Miss Isringhausen (played by Sarah Paulson) makes a deal with Swearengen.

Episode 9: Amalgamation and Capital: Jane and Joanie strike up an unlikely friendship.

Episode 10: Advances, None Miraculous: Martha regrets her move to Deadwood when William is gravely hurt.

Episode 11: The Whores Can Come: Blaznakov's (played by Pavel Lychnikoff) telegram is getting quite a workout lately.

Episode 12: Boy the Earth Talks to: George Hearst (played by Gerald McRaney) arrives in Deadwood.

Season 3: Episode 1: Tell Your God to Ready for Blood: It is just about the time for the elections in Deadwood.

Episode 2: I am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For: As Alma's health declines the issue of her ward, Sophia (played by Bree Seanna Wall), becomes more important.

Episode 3: True Colors: The arrival of the stagecoach brings Jack Langrishe (played by Brian Cox) and Hearst's cook, Aunt Lou (played by Cleo King).

Episode 4: Full Faith and Credit: Alma officially opens the bank in Deadwood.

Episode 5: A Two-Headed Beast: Langrishe welcomes more members of his acting troupe to Deadwood.

Episode 6: A Rich Find: Bullock releases Hearst from prison.

Episode 7: Unauthorized Cinnamon: Aunt Lou worries about her son, Odell (played by Omar Gooding).

Episode 8: Leviathan Smiles: Wyatt (played by Gale Harold) and Morgan Earp (played by Austin Nichols) arrive in town.

Episode 9: Amateur Night: Hearst's men arrive in town and Bullock tells Martha what do if he is killed.

Episode 10: A Constant Throb: With Bullock out of the camp, Alma is shot at and Swearengen comes to her assistance.

Episode 11: The Catbird Seat: Trixie decides to take revenge on Hearst.

Episode 12: Tell Him Something Pretty: The inhabitants in the camp come out to vote.

Special Features: The Meaning of Endings: David Milch on the Conclusion of Deadwood, Deadwood 360 Tour, Al Swearengen Audition Reel, Making Deadwood: The Show Behind the Show, The Real Deadwood, The New Language of the Old West, An Imaginative Reality, The Real Deadwood: 1877, Making of Episode 12 "Boy the Earth Talks to", Deadwood Daguerreotypes, Deadwood Matures, The Education of Swearengen and Bullock, The Real Deadwood: Out of the Ashes, Q&A with Cast and Creative Team

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