Disney Animation Collection 6: The Reluctant Dragon

Disney are the masters of animation for kids. Feature-length or short films they did it all. Most of these shorts were produced during the 1920s through 1940s. Here is a collection of some of the best short animated features they have ever produced.

The Reluctant Dragon:
A courageous young boy, who is made even braver by all the tales of knights he has read, takes matters into his own hands against the dangerous dragon that is terrorizing his village. Once he faces the dragon he realizes that it is really a friendly, music loving and poetry reciting dragon. He is more interested in these things than in scaring or eating humans. The boy has to get this information out before the dragon is slain by the local hero who has challenged him to a battle.

Goliath II:
Goliath II is a young elephant who is quite small and is an embarrassment to his father due to his small size. His mother is very protective of him especially from a tiger named Raja. Goliath II often gets in trouble and has to be rescued by his mother. All he wants is his father's respect.

Ferdinand the Bull:
Ferdinand is a young bull living in Spain who prefers to be alone amidst the flowers. When he is a little older he is stung by a bee then is forced to do battle against a matador. In front of all these people he becomes incredibly shy and wants to just wander amongst the flowers.

Johnny Appleseed:
The legendary Johnny Appleseed travels the American West with all the other pioneers. He plants some apple seeds during his travels.

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