Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Christmas

Pre-school kids eat up this bilingual cartoon character with a spoon. Her colourful and fun adventures really capture their imaginations and the lessons they learn at the same time make their parents happy. Once again Dora's adventures encourage kids to be active, learn basic Spanish, how to count, and teach them how to figure out problems.

Episode 1: A Present for Santa: Dora and Boots want to bring a gift to Santa but getting it all the way to the North Pole is going to be a challenge.

Episode 2: Rapido, Tico!: Dora and Boots have to get Boot's toy which is on top of Snowy Mountain before Swiper gets to it.

Episode 3: School Pet: The school pet, Mimo the hamster, from Dora's school is missing.

Episode 4: Quack! Quack!: Dora and Boots jump into a colouring book in order to bring a lost baby duck back home to her mother.

Special Features: Santa's Super Scavenger Hunt

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