Double Feature: The Phantom of the Opera/August Rush

Two tales of romance and anguish from very different times in history make up this Warner Bros double feature release. The pomp and circumstance of a 19th century French opera house makes up the setting of The Phantom of the Opera and present-day New York is that of August Rush. What they both have in common is the message of the power of music and a love of music.

The Phantom of the Opera directed by Joel Schmacher:

A man deformed since birth lives in the bowels beneath the Opera Populaire in Paris. He becomes known as the Phantom of the Opera (played by Gerard Butler). The Phantom is obsessed with the Opera's new leading lady, Christine Daae (played by Emily Rossum) and wreaks havoc on everyone who comes in his way of being with her and hearing her sing. This includes Christine's secret love and the Opera's new patron, Victome Raoul de Changy (played by Patrick Wilson).

The Phantom takes his private tutoring of Christine too far and he goes about making sure that Christine is his love – in his own twisted way.

Special Features: Theatrical Trailer

August Rush directed by Kirsten Sheridan:

Lyla (played by Keri Russell) is a young, beautiful, priviledged cellist and Louis (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is a singer in a struggling band. They meet up on a roof on a magical night and Lyla becomes pregnant as a result. She never gets to tell Louis and the pregnancy turns to tragedy when she is involved in an accident. Believing, because her father has deceivingly told her so, that her baby has died, Lyla loses her passion for music and just begins to coast through life.

The child thought to be dead is given to an orphanage and has never known he has parents who want him. Evan (played by Freddie Highmore) hears music everywhere and dreams of being reunited with his parents. Compelled by that urge to find his parents he runs away from the orphanage at age 12 and ends up in New York City.

Evan's obvious gift of music brings him success and trouble – in the form of Wizard (played by Robin Williams), a man who takes in orphaned children and tries to exploit them musically to make himself some money. Somehow Evan ends up enrolled in Julliard and writing his own concerto, which will be played in Central Park at an event his own mother Lyla will be a part of. Louis, who has quit a successful job and returned to playing in his brother's (played by William Sadler) band, is also in New York looking for Lyla. Will these three lost souls be able to find each other in a city of millions? If they do it will be through the magic of music.

Special Features: Additional Scenes

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