Dracula III: Legacy

If your idea of a good time is action, gore and female nudity then this is the movie for you. Dracula III: Legacy is the third (and theoretically the finale, but based on the ending I am not so sure there will not be more) of the Dracula 2000 series of films. The whole series of films were directed and written by Patrick Lussier (also worked as the Editor on such films as Cursed, My Boss's Daughter and Scream 3), who is a well-known figure within the horror film genre. The action and vampire kills are well done and shot. He does a good job creating the tension required through darkness and camera angles, but it seems to me he is completely blind to the poor acting of his male lead, Jason Scott Lee. Mr. Lee is quite wooden, while I agree that lack of emotion is part of the character, but he has gone a little overboard. I do not know if he was going for "cool" with the character, but it was a bit much for me. It is also hard to understand what he is saying at certain times in the film. There is also plenty of gratuitous female nudity in this film, which I am sure some will argue is necessary in that vampires are reported to be such sensual beings. Do not watch this film because of the chance to see Roy Scheider or Rutger Hauer because they are both on the screen for less than ten minutes each. This film falls into The Crow type series for me, so if you were a fan of those movies you should enjoy this one.

A young female vampire is chasing a bleeding Luke (Jason London – Dazed and Confused and The Rage: Carrie 2) through a train station. Just as she and a male vampire catch him and are about to drink his blood Father Uffizi (Jason Scott Lee – Lilo & Stitch and The Jungle Book) shows up and kills the male vampire. Father Uffizi then captures the female vampire and asks her where he is. Uffizi then meets with Cardinal Siqueros (Roy Scheider – The Punisher and Romeo Is Bleeding) to let him know that he found out that Dracula is in Romania, the country of his birth. He wants the church's support to go after him. His Eminence says that they have heard rumours that Uffizi has crossed the line and is behaving strangely. He is calling him back because he cannot afford to lose Uffizi. Cardinal Siqueros offers him any parish that he wants. Uffizi turns in his collar.

Uffizi and Luke, who is still looking to rescue his love Elizabeth (Diane Neal – Dracula II: Ascension), arrive in Romania and Luke notices that everyone is acting frightened. Uffizi says it is because of the beast living there. While they are stopped at a military checkpoint an army vehicle arrives and the soldiers say that some people with big sharp teeth attacked them. They believe that it is the rebels, but Uffizi and Luke know better. They head off north in search of the area where the attack took place. Along the way they run into some men who are called "collectors" because they round up humans for the vampires during the daytime since the vampires cannot come out into the light. Uffizi and Luke momentarily capture the men and force them to tell where Dracula is. They enter a town where all the inhabitants have been slaughtered. Uffizi acts strange every time he is around blood. After rescuing a member of a BBC news crew, reporter Julia Hughes (Alexandra Westcourt – Bug), the three head towards Dracula's castle to try to rescue Elizabeth and kill the beast.

Special DVD Features:

-A conversation with Patrick Lussier on the mythology of vampires.
-A conversation with Gary Tunnicliffe: How he did the special effects.
-Cast auditions
-Deleted scene – Flat Tire
-Alternate ending: The very last scene is now Uffizi carrying Julia outside the castle.
-Original treatments: For Dracula 2000, Dracula II: Ascension and Dracula III: Legacy the stories are written out.
-Dracula trailers: trailers for Dracula 2000 and Dracula II: Ascension
-Sneak peeks: Sin City, Hostage, Cursed, Hellraiser: Hellworld, and The Prophecy

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