Dragonball Evolution: Z Edition – Blu-ray Edition

Dragonball was a hugely popular Japanese manga and anime series. Kids ate this stuff up. Director James Wong (Final Destination 3, The One) takes on the task of adapting this beloved series to the big screen. It could be that he bit off more than he could chew.

Son Goku (Justin Chatwin – War of the Worlds, The Chumscrubber) is a young warrior who is on an epic adventure in order to discover his destiny and along the way he will have to discover if he is up to the challenge of facing the forces of darkness.

Goku is being trained to be a warrior by his adoptive Grandpa Gohan (Randall Duk Kim – Ninja Assassin, King Fu Panda). They are attacked at their home and Grandpa Gohan's last words are to find the Master Roshi (Yun-Fat Chow – Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, The Children of Huang Shi) and collect the seven Dragon Balls. Goku already has one and will have to beat the evil Lord Piccolo (James Marsters – P.S. I Love You, House on Haunted Hill). Controlling the seven orbs will give the person unlimited power. Lord Piccolo will use the seven Dragon Balls in his quest to control the world.

This is another example of Hollywood taking what Japan has done well and botching it up royally. It would be unjust to expect them to be able to put all the details from the series in an 85 minute movie, but we can expect some level of quality and entertainment, can't we?

For those of us who have never seen the anime the film serves as a good primer to the series. Though those who are fans will be annoyed that most of the details that made the series interesting have been discarded. This is kinda like Dragonball for dummies.

Everything seems rushed and just different…and not in a good way. Things that should be taking a bit longer are crammed into one scene. It just doesn't feel natural. Couple that with some cheesy dialogue and poorly executed action scenes and you have a disaster of a film. Which is too bad for fans of the anime and those of us who have to watch the film.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes
-Goku's Quest Game
-Goku's Workout
-Brian Anthony "Worked Up" Music Video
-Gag Reel
-Fox Movie Channel Presents: Making a Scene
-Fox Movie Channel Presents: Life After Film School with Justin Chatwin

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