Dragon Tales: Let’s Be Brave

Since every child that has ever been born has been afraid of one thing or another at one point this collection will be of interest to their parents. Dragon Tales: Let's Be Brave tries to coach children about bravery and getting over your fears with a positive slant. Often when kids are doing something for the first time they are filled with fear and this film shows them in a fun way that there is nothing to be scared of. It covers such issues as kids who are afraid of the dark, talking in front of a crowd, and visiting the doctor. The 5 episodes are done in such a clever way that they will capture the attention of the young people watching it and still will get the message across.

1) Calling Dr. Zak
2) The Big Sleepover
3) Stormy Weather
4) Sounds Like Trouble
5) Musical Scales

Special Features:
-3 sing-along songs

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