Dynasty: The Third Season – Volume 2

When one thinks back to the 80s and television you definitely have to mention the nighttime soap opera "Dynasty". It certainly left its mark with its catfights, shoulder pads and excesses of the upper class. The story centers around oil tycoon Blake Carrington (played by John Forsythe) is the patriarch of his very rich family living in Denver, Colorado area. The loves, lives and excesses of this family and their wide circle of acquaintances will keep you entertained.

Episode 1: The Plea: Krystle (played by Linda Evans) finds Blake in the mountains and brings him to a hospital.

Episode 2: The Roof: Alexis (played by Joan Collins) and Cecil (played by ) plan a wedding in the hospital.

Episode 3: The Wedding: Claudia is sent to a sanitarium.

Episode 4: The Will: Cecil leaves his estate and company to Alexis and Jeff.

Episode 5: The Siblings: Blake begins to suspect that Adam might be his son.

Episode 6: Mark: Alexis informs Mark that he is still married to Krystle.

Episode 7: Kirby: Mark is hired to work at Fallon's hotel.

Episode 8: La Mirage: Fallon has an opening party for her hotel which she has renamed La Mirage.

Episode 9: Acapulco: The oil rig that Steven is working on explodes.

Episode 10: The Locket: Mark continues to try to contact Krystle who wants nothing to do with him.

Episode 11: The Search: Adam rapes Kirby.

Episode 12: Samantha: Blake refuses to believe that his son Steven is dead and Krystle worries about his sanity.

Episode 13: Danny: Sammy Jo states that she is moving to New York to work as a model and no longer wants to take care of her own son.

Episode 14: Madness: Due to his erratic behavior, Alexis sends Jeff away.

Episode 15: Two Flights to Haiti: Fallon flies to Haiti to obtain a divorce from Jeff.

Episode 16: The Mirror: Blake is shocked to hear that the hospital has discovered poison in Jeff's blood.

Episode 17: Battle Lines: A long distance call from Singapore informs Blake that Steven has been found.

Episode 18: Reunions in Singapore: Before he leaves for Singapore, Alexis informs Blake that he cannot stop their two companies from being merged.

Episode 19: Fathers and Sons: Jeff and Kirby are married in Reno.

Episode 20: Downstairs Bride: Alexis offers Steven a share of Colbyco.

Episode 21: The Vote: Krystle attempts to patch up things between Steven and Blake.

Episode 22: The Dinner: Alexis offers Mark money to leave Fallon, but he refuses.

Episode 23: The Threat: Kirby discovers that she is pregnant.

Episode 24: The Cabin: Alexis tricks Krystle into meeting her at a cabin and then offers her $1 million to leave Blake.

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