Earthquake: About Got Damn Time

Earthquake is an actor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II) and comedian. While he was in the army he began his stand up career performing for his fellow soldiers. He is now considered a rising star of comedy who is being heralded by critics as one of the most talented comedians in North America. Earthquake has appeared on Mad TV, Def Comedy Jam, and The Orlando Jones Show. He has signed a contract with ABC to star in his own sitcom.

This special was filmed in 2003 in Gulf Port, Mississippi and directed by Leslie Small (has mostly worked with other comedians, such as Cedric the Entertainer). He definitely is an explosive comedy performer that pulls no punches. His brand of humour is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. Earthquake talks about being black in America ("Black people are so late there are still slaves on the way over."), race ("White people claim that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. I say no he didn't polyester did."), marriage, parenthood, and life in general ("Death row is something I don't understand. They tell you what day they're killing you and expect you to be there.")

The special features on this DVD include a behind the scenes feature with Earthquake before the taping of the special, Big Black Comedy #1 trailer, and trailers for other DVDs of stand up comedians.

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