Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Beyond the Beginning

From 1970 to 1978 Emerson, Lake and Palmer (Keith Emerson – keyboards, Greg Lake – guitar, and Carl Palmer – drums) were one of the most electrifying progressive rock bands and they continually induced changes in the minds of the public and musicians as to what were the limits of rock music. They were famous for their large-scale musical ventures, a continual desire to try new things within the music arena and huge live shows. This desire to be continually innovative was what ultimately led to their break up, but for the better part of the 70s they were one of the more influential rock bands. This 2-disc set highlights many of their best moments. It includes performances from every period of their career. Besides the live performances there is an hour-long documentary which relates the story of the band. It is made up of some candid and frank interviews with the band members about their beginnings, success and decline.

Disc One:
1) Before the Beginning: Videos:
a) Fire – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
b) America – The Nice
c) 21st Century Schizoid Man – King Crimson
2) Bonus Footage:
a) ELP in rehearsal 1973
b) The story of the covers
c) ELP at Brands Hatch 1973
3) ELP in pictures

Disc Two:
1) California Jam Festival (1974)
2) Beyond the Beginning documentary

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