Entourage: The Complete Sixth Season

Vince, Eric, Drama, and Turtle are trying to squeeze as much as they can out of life in Hollywood. These lifelong friends will do anything to become part of the A list in Hollywood. Each trying to do it their own way. After watching the show you'll begin t think like them, talk like them and act like them. Who wouldn't want it? Though the season is short it still packs a punch and signals a return to the Entourage that we know and watch.

Episode 1: Drive: Vince (played by Adrian Grenier) prepares for a guest spot on Jay Leno at the same time as he is studying for his driving test.

Episode 2: Amongst Friends: Lloyd (played by Rex Lee) tries to lose some weight…quickly.

Episode 3: One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car: It is Turtle's (played by Jerry Ferrara) 30th birthday and he believes everyone thinks he is a loser.

Episode 4: Running on E: Vince tries to find ways to keep himself busy between jobs.

Episode 5: Fore!: Vince and Drama (played by Kevin Dillon) play at a charity golf tournament with Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg.

Episode 6: Murphy's Lie: Drama tries to protect Jamie-Lynn (Jamie-Lynn Sigler).

Episode 7: No More Drama: Eric's (played by Kevin Connolly) start at his new job does not go smoothly as he has trouble with a co-worker.

Episode 8: The Sorkin Notes: Ashley (played by Alexis Dziena) calls Eric after he sets up a meeting with Sloane (played by Emmanuelle Chriqui).

Episode 9: Security Briefs: Ashley is getting really suspicious of Eric.

Episode 10: Berried Alive: Jamie-Lynn is offered a job in New Zealand.

Episode 11: Scared Straight: Eric decides to get some medical help after a talk with Drama.

Episode 12: Give a Little Bit: Drama thinks about a career change.

Special Features: Life at the Top": An exclusive look at the making of season 6 featuring interviews with the cast and crew, "A Day at the Speedway": Behind the scenes with the Entourage cast and crew as they race Ferraris at the Auto Club Speedway, ONEXONE PSA (directed by Matt Damon)

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