Extreme Makeover:

Most have heard of the popular television series on ABC entitled "Extreme Makeover". For those who haven't, the show focuses on physical transformation for optimal health and personal confidence. However, the show is rather controversial, as it is mainly centered around plastic surgery. "Extreme Makeover: Fitness" is a more feasible option for loosing weight. This DVD offers a step by step weight loss program, through a series of cardio and toning moves. The workouts are divided into a weekly schedule, but also by shorter segments which can be practiced any time (great for those who are constantly on the go). In addition, the workouts can be customized to accommodate certain problem areas one chooses to focus on. Join renowned personal trainer Robert Reames for a series of workouts that are sure to get you in top shape.

Special Features:

– features real women from the hit TV show talking about their weight loss experiences.
– style and fashion advice from celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang.
– information and motivational pop-up tips while you exercise.
– includes a lifestyle guide booklet for eating, cooking, going out and special occasions.

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