Fame: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2

Based on the 1980 hit film of the same name, during the 80s when this series was on television all young people watched it. Loads of young people were all intrigued by the students that went to the New York City High School for the Performing Arts. The students at the school learn that talent is not enough and that you had to work hard to get ahead in the competitive dog-eat-dog world of acting/dance/music. What really blew people's minds were the great musical/dance sequences. On top of all the viewership it was also adored by critics and won several awards.

Season One:
Episode 1: Metamorphosis: Julie (played by Lori Singer) tries her best to fit in at her new school.

Episode 2: Passing Grade: Coco (played by Irene Cara) and Lydia (played by Debbie Allen) try out for the same part in a show.

Episode 3: Tomorrow's Farewell: Leroy (played by Gene Anthony Ray) tries to keep his brother from a life of crime.

Episode 4: Alone in a Crowd: Bruno (played by Lee Curreri) is afraid to play his music in front of people.

Episode 5: To Soar and Never Falter: Bruno falls for a girl named Kathleen Murphy (played by Connie Needham).

Episode 6: The Sell-Out: Julie tries to figure out why Coco seems so angry at her.

Episode 7: The Strike: A teacher's strike really affects things at the New York City High School for the Performing Arts.

Episode 8: Street Kid: In doing research for a part, Doris (played by Valerie Lundsberg) meets a hooker named Tracy (played by Dominique Dunne), who she tries to help.

Episode 9: But Seriously Folks: Danny's (played by Carlo Imperato) father doesn't approve of his decision to become a comedian.

Episode 10: Come One, Come All: Big star Melinda MacNeil (played by Gwen Verdon) comes to the school and everyone fawns over her except for one person.

Episode 11: The Crazies: Only after Mr. Shorofsky (played by Albert Hague) is hospitalized does Bruno realize how influential he has been to him.

Episode 12: Expose: Julie falls for a student teacher but he might not be the person he is leading everyone to believe he is.

Episode 13: A Musical Bridge: Bruno decides that he wants to write music and is convinced to do it for money.

Episode 14: A Big Finish: Miss Sherwood (played by Carol Mayo Jenkins) discovers that there are two men and a dog living in the school basement.

Episode 15: Reunions: A former girlfriend of Mr. Shorofsky arrives in town.

Episode 16: A Special Place: Budget cutbacks mean that the school is going to have to fire a dance teacher.

Season Two:
Episode 1: And the Winner Is: Bruno is thrilled when his script is chosen to be produced by the school.

Episode 2: Your Own Song: Coco tries her best to get along with a student with a learning disability.

Episode 3: Feelings: Julie's dad is getting remarried and that does not thrill her.

Episode 4: Class Act: Mr. Shorofsky starts giving Bruno lessons.

Episode 5: Teachers: Bruno does not know what to do when he is offered the chance to audition at Julliard.

Episode 6: Beginnings: The students believe that the ballet teacher has a prejudice against black students.

Episode 7: Solo Song: Doris is head-over-heels for the substitute teacher, Mr. Hamilton (played by Tom J. Sullivan).

Episode 8: Winners: Doris decides to loose some weight but then things get out of control.

Episode 9: Words: Coco's boyfriend is pressuring her to have sex with him.

Episode 10: Childhood's End: Julie's cello is stolen.

Episode 11: Homecoming: Doris's brother comes to town for a visit and she is determined to get him and her father talking again.

Episode 12: Tough Act to Follow: The sudden death of teacher Mr. Crandall has everyone upset.

Episode 13: Relationships: Miss Sherwood meets someone through a dating service.

Episode 14: Star Quality: For a report for Miss Sherwood's class Leroy writes about a famous dancer whose son he's met.

Episode 15: Sunshine Again: Doris worries that her grandmother might move in with her and her parents.

Episode 16: Love is the Question: Julie falls asleep while studying with Troy (played by Jimmy Osmond) and he tells everyone that they slept together.

Episode 17: Blood, Sweat and Circuits: Leroy thinks that if he steals a computer that the school board is thinking of using to replace Mrs. Berg (played by Ann Nelson) that it will save her job.

Episode 18: Friendship Day: When Doris is assigned to be in charge of Friendship Day she becomes overbearing.

Episode 19: Not in Kansas Anymore: While auditioning to be in a show Doris falls and bumps her head causing her to have some wild dreams.

Episode 20: ….Help From My Friends: The school lockers are vandalized and a suicide note is discovered.

Episode 21: Ending on a High Note: Danny and Leroy end up coaching a boy's choir in basketball.

Episode 22: U.N. Week: The students are mixed up with students from an academy and a lot of fighting ensues.

Special Features: Fame: Then and Now

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