Family Guy: Volume Eight

It's your typical Family Guy as they tackle such topics as marijuana, religion, evil monkeys, and older women. Let the fun and mockery begin. Keep your ears open for guest voices by Brittany Snow, Patrick Warburton, Drew Barrymore, and Adam West.

Episode 1: Fox-y Lady: Peter gets a high definition television because he thinks the Fox anchorwoman is hot.

Episode 2: Not All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Griffins go to the annual Star Trek convention and meg catches the mumps.

Episode 3: Episode 420: The guys begin to hate Quagmire after he gets a cat.

Episode 4: Stew-roids: Stewie gets beaten up by Joe's baby girl and Peter decides to teach him how to be a man.

Episode 5: We Love You Conrod: The Griffins all get invited to Gillian's wedding except for Brian.

Episode 6: Three Kings: Family Guy does their own version of three Steven King classics: Stand By Me, Misery and Shawshank Redemption.

Episode 7: Peter's Progress: Peter finds out from a plam reader that he was Griffin Peterson, the founder of Quahog.

Episode 8: Road to the Multiverse: Stewie has a device that brings him and Brian to different universes.

Episode 9: Family Guy: Peter becomes obsessed with a cardboard cut-out of Kathy Ireland while Quagmire discovers internet porn.

Episode 10: Spies Reminiscent of Us: Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd move into Cleveland's old house and recruit Brian and Stewie as spies.

Episode 11: Brian's Got a Brand New Bag: Brian starts dating an older woman.

Episode 12: Hannah Banana: Stewie blackmails Brian into getting him into a sold out Hannah Montana concert only to find out something disturbing about his favourite star.

Episode 13: Quagmire's Baby: A girl Quagmire had a one night stand with has a baby and he decides he can't raise a baby, so gives her up for adoption.

Episode 14: Jerome is the New Black: Peter and the gang try to find a new fourth to replace Cleveland.

Episode 15: Dog Gone: Lois, sick and tired of cleaning up after Peter, hires a maid, but it doesn't work out as she thought.

Special Features: The Road to "Road to the Multiuniverse", Family Guy Karaoke, Deleted Scenes

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