Fantastic Four-World’s Greatest Heroes: Volume 1

During a fact finding space mission four humans are altered after the come in contact with cosmic rays. Scientist Reed Richards gains the ability to stretch to amazing lengths and becomes Mr. Fantastic. His wife, Sue Richards, now has the power to become invisible and make force fields so is named The Invisible Woman. Her younger brother, Johnny Storm, has the ability to control fire and is dubbed The Human Torch. Lastly, pilot Ben Grimm gains super human strength and is now in the form of a rock creature as such is called The Thing. The animated adventures of The Fantastic Four's (The Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, The Human Torch, and The Thing) battles against evil are chronicled on this television series that ran in 2007. The group demonstrates that you need not just one superhero but four to battle all that evil.

Episode 1: Doomed: Dr. Doom and Mr. Fantastic switch bodies.

Episode 2: Hard Knocks: The Incredible Hulk is heading for New York and it is not good.

Episode 3: World's Tiniest Heroes: The Fantastic four's jobs get harder after they are shrunk.

Episode 4: De-Mole-Ition: Giganto, a huge monster controlled by The Mole Man, starts attacking the Baxter Building.

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