Father of the Bride: 15th Anniversary Special Edition

Every father and daughter will instantly connect to something in this heart-warming comedy about marriage and weddings. It goes through the whole gamut of feelings that a father and his daughter go through before she gets married. The perspective of telling a wedding tale from the father of the bride's perspective is a very interesting one. It is the third version of this movie; the classic being the 1950 film starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. Steve Martin is his quirky and adorable self and Martin Short plays his usual zany off-the-wall type character. Director Charles Shyer (Alfie and I Love Trouble) has made a timeless movie, which does not seem too dated even 15 years later. Do not get me wrong "Father of the Bride" does not break any new ground, there is a lot of seen if before type scenes, but because of Steve Martin's very warm and realistic portrayal of the type of panic a father feels before his daughter gets married it does not become overly sentimental. It is great family comedy that all ages can relate to and it did so well there was a sequel.

George Banks (Steve Martin – The Jerk and Roxanne) is talking to the camera after the wedding of his daughter Annie Banks (Kimberly Williams – Father of the Bride II and Indian Summer). He talks about what it is like to raise a daughter and have her grow up then get married. It feels like he is losing her. We flash back 6 months and Annie is coming home from Rome where she studied to complete her masters in architecture. Over dinner her first night back Annie announces that she met someone in Rome and that they are engaged to be married. Nina (Diane Keaton – Baby Boom and Annie Hall) and George are quite surprised to say the least. George tells Annie he forbids her to get married. Annie is upset and storms out of the house. They eventually talk and make up. George is still not thrilled about her getting married though. That same evening, Annie's fiancé, Bryan MacKenzie (George Newbern – Father of the Bride II and Adventures in Babysitting), comes to meet George and Nina. Nina likes him and George does not. George feels like he is being replaced in Annie's life. Two days later, George and Nina go to meet Bryan's parents, John (Peter Michael Goetz – My Girl and Glory) and Joanna (Kate McGregor-Stewart – The School of Rock and The Addams Family) who live in Bel Air. During brunch George goes to the bathroom, decides to snoop through the father's office and ends up falling into the pool.

Annie decides that she wants the reception to be at the house. George likes the idea because he believes that this means that it will be cheaper for him. Little does George know! The Banks go to meet a wedding planner named Franck Eggelhoffer (Martin Short – Three Amigos! and Mumford), who has really big ideas for the reception. The estimate for the reception is $250 per person; George freaks out. He demands that Nina and Annie pare down the list of people invited to the wedding from near 600 to 150. As the wedding preparations continue George gets more and more stressed out. The focus of the wedding becomes whether George will be able to handle and not Annie starting a new life.

Bonus DVD Features:
-An invitation to Father of the Bride: Martin Short, Steve Martin, Charles Shyer, and Frances Goodrich (writer) are interviewed. Also some behind-the-scenes footage.
-Martin and Short interview each other.
-Sneak Peeks: Herbie: Fully Loaded, The Pacifier and Home Improvement: The Complete Second Season.

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