Felicity is created by J.J. Abrams, the same person responsible for the exhilarating and fan favorite "Alias." Felicity stars Golden Globe Award winner Keri Russell. Felicity Porter enters her junior year at New York University and the viewer follows all of Felicity's relations and events.

At the core of Felicity's success lay its cast members. The regulars include: Scott Speedman ("Duets") and Scott Foley ("Scream 3"). This third season DVD Collection includes 17 episodes, presented on 5 DVD discs. Several top Hollywood stars have cameo appearances on a few episodes. Enjoy watching one of John Ritter ("Bad Santa") last appearances, Matt Doherty ("Ghost World"), Tyra Banks (TV's "America's Next Top Model") and Teri Garr.

Instead of pursuing her plan to become a doctor Felicity follows her heart to NYU, where her crush on Ben intensifies. This series has continuously served as an inspiration for younger female adolescents and this season's plot line stays on track. Perhaps most endearing during this season is Felicity's real emotions, love triangles, her disappointments, sadness, uncertainty, joy, and her eventual humiliation. Quite often you get the feeling that you're watching a teen soap, however this exceptional and solicitous melodrama is a definite hit, don't miss it.

Bonus DVD Features:
-"Docuventary": I like this feature because it's nice to splice season three together. The commentary is provided by Sean Blumberg (actor Greg Grunberg).
-Audio commentary with the cast and crew, nothing out of the ordinary here.
-Mad TV parody of the show. Keri Russell parodies her role on Felicity.

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