Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

The makers of this film have succeeded in making an environmentally friendly message film without being too heavy handed. Director Bill Kroyer (animation supervisor on Garfield: The Movie and Scooby Doo) has made a kids film which parents can also enjoy. It is loaded with likable characters, colourful animation, catchy songs (Elton John is on the soundtrack), and some great voice work by known actors (including Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Tone Loc, Robert Pastorelli, and Geoffrey Blake). Even though some of the dialogue is overly sentimental it still works because of the overall important message. Because it is a children's film the ending is predictable, but you won't mind too much as you are watching it.

Crysta (Samantha Mathis – Pump Up The Volume, How To Make An American Quilt), a fairy, is learning how to restore the rainforest from Magi (Grace Zabriskie – The Grudge, Gone In 60 Seconds). Unfortunately she is not doing so well and is discouraged. Deciding to go beyond the safety of the canopy, Crysta sees a group of loggers cutting down all the trees in the rainforest. Despite this, Crysta saves a worker named Zak (Jonathan Ward – Steel Magnolias, Geronimo: An American Legend) from a falling tree, but instead of giving him fairy sight she gives him fairy size. Zak is shrunk and is not happy about it. Crysta decides to bring Zak to see Magi, who she is sure will be able to help him. On their way back Crysta and Batty (Robin Williams – Robots, The Fisher King), a lovable bat, teach Zak a lot about the rainforest. He begins to realize how important that ecosystem is. The rainforest is threatened not only by the loggers but by an evil entity named Hexxus (Tim Curry – The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Kinsey), who is unwittingly freed from his tree prison by the loggers. Crysta, Zak, Batty and Pips (Christian Slater – Mindhunters, Broken Arrow) try to save Ferngully before it is too late.

Special Features:
– Seed of the Story: Script to Screen comparison
– Featurettes: 1) From Paper to Tree
2) Behind the Voice: Toxic Love (multi-angle_
3) Original featurette (1992)
4) Music Video "If I'm Gonna Eat Somebody (It Might As Well Be You)"
-Set Top Games: 1) Creatures of the Rainforest
2) Sound Pools
3) Save Batty!
4) Grow a Tree
5) Capture Hexxus
6) Sounds of the Rainforest
7) Pip's Pan Pipes
8) Out of the forest
-Theatrical trailers and TV spots
-Original TV spots: 1) "Looking"
2) "Fun Characters"
3) "Zak and Batty"

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