Firefly: The Complete Series – Blu-ray Edition

Set 500 years from now and set on a new planet after humans had to abandon Earth, Firefly tells the tale of Malcolm Reynolds who leads the crew of the firefly-class vessel, Serenity. The crew has broken away from the unified government called "The Alliance" to go renegade. They spend their time hiding amidst the outlying regions of the new planetary system in order to elude the forces of The Alliance.

This sci-fi program, created by Joss Whedon, became a cult-hit, but did not gain the type of numbers that Fox wanted and so it was cancelled early on. It only lasted half a season or 11 episodes, but "Firefly" made quite an impression on many sci-fi fans. This complete series collection (which contains 14 episodes) on high definition gives you the opportunity to watch it all at your leisure and pretend like it is going on and on and on….

Episode 1: The Train Job: Serenity travels through the star system which is controlled by The Alliance. A monster named Adelei Niska asks for the crews' help to pull off a train robbery.

Episode 2: Bushwacked: While on a salvage mission aboard a ship drifting through the solar system the Serenity crew finds evidence of cannibalism having destroyed the former crew.

Episode 3: Our Mrs. Reynolds: While on a mission Mal finds out he somehow got married without his knowing to a village girl.

Episode 4: Jaynestown: In the town that the Serenity lands in, Jayne is hailed as a hero for having years ago distributed money he stole from the city magistrate.

Episode 5: Out of Gas: The Serenity's engine explodes and deprives the crew of oxygen rendering them all delirious.

Episode 6: Shindig: While at a ball smoothing out the details of their next job, Mal somehow insults the customer of Inara and according to local customs challenges him to a duel.

Episode 7: Safe: On a planet, Simon is kidnapped and River is about to be burned as a witch.

Episode 8: Ariel: The crew stops on Ariel to allow Inara to go for a medical exam and at the same time are hired by Simon for a job.

Episode 9: War Stories: While on a job Mal and Wash are kidnapped by men employed by Niska, the crime lord.

Episode 10: Objects in Space: A bounty hunter, who is after River, manages to get aboard the Serenity.

Episode 11: Serenity, Part 1: We get a flashback of Mal and Zoe's experiences during the Six Year War.
Episode 12: Serenity, Part 2: Simon's sister is now a passenger on the Serenity because she is trying to escape being a government test subject.

Episode 13: Heart of Gold: Mal falls for the madam of the bordello they are defending.

Episode 14: Trash: Saffron returns and convinces Mal and the crew to help her out with the perfect crime.

Special Features: Here's How It Was: The Making of Firefly, Serenity, Joss Whedon touring the Serenity set, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Alan Tudyk's audtion tape, Joss Whedon Singing the Show's Main Theme, a Firefly reunion lunch, and an Easter Egg Hunt

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