Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

Jon (Breckin Meyer – Garfield, The Craft) has decided that he is going to propose to Liz (Jennifer Love Hewitt – from television's Ghost Whisperer), much to Garfield's (Bill Murray – Lost in Translation, Broken Flowers) chagrin, but he is interrupted by her news that she if flying to London to give a talk for animal conservationists. Heart broken at first, Jon then decides he is going to London to propose to Liz. Garfield and Odie discover a way to escape from the kennel Jon is putting them in and stow away in his luggage for the flight to London.

At the same time over in London at the Carlyle Castle, Lady Carlyle has died and at the reading of her will, her only surviving relative, Dargis (Billy Connolly – The Last Samurai, White Oleander) is shocked to find out the cat, Prince (Tim Curry – The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Kinsey), has inherited everything. Dargis initiates a plan to get "rid" of Prince in order to get his hands on Carlyle Castle and throws him into the river in a picnic basket. The butler, Smithee (Ian Abercrombie – The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Adams Family Values) notices Prince missing but is sent on an errand into London to pick up suits for Dargis. The animals living in the castle, including Winston (Bob Hoskins – Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mrs. Henderson Presents) the bulldog, Nigel (Greg Ellis – Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Titanic), Preston (Richard E. Grant – Corpse Bride, Gosford Park) the snooty parrot, McBunny (Rhys Ifans – Vanity Fair, The Shipping News) the bunny, and Meenie (Jane Horrocks – from television's Absolutely Fabulous) and Eenie (Jane Leeves – from television's Frasier) the two mice, all realize that their days are numbered if Dargis inherits the castle.

Garfield and Odie are found by Jon in London and he decides to lock them in his hotel room to keep them out of trouble. A maid comes by to clean and the duo makes their escape to the streets of London to find Jon. While out on the street Smithee sees Garfield and thinks he is Prince (as they look exactly identical) so he brings him back to the castle. Jon sees Prince on the street and thinks he is Garfield so he brings him back to the hotel. This case of mistaken identities leads to Garfield and Prince taking on each other's lives and learning in the process to appreciate what they have.

There is nothing complex about the story of this film. It has been made to give us the opportunity to laugh at the variety of animals in it and the funny things that they do. I did not particularly enjoy the first Garfield movie, as I found it a bit silly and that the two leads did not have any chemistry. Well, those two criticisms continue in this film, but somehow I found myself enjoying it a bit more. Maybe it was because director Tim Hill (Muppets from Space) chose to focus more on the animals and less on the humans for this film or that the animals all had English accents, which I always finds makes things funnier somehow for me. Also the casting of comedian Billy Connolly in a film is never a bad idea. Whatever the reasons I actually got some giggles out of this film. It is definitely a film that is aimed at the under 12 age category, so it is a family flick. I am just not sure how much the adults in the family will enjoy watching it.

Special Features:
-Features both full screen and extended widescreen versions on the same disc
-"Drawing with Jim Davis" featurette
-Exclusive Garfield comic strip
-"Odie's Photo Album" game
-"Garfield's Maze" game
-Music video

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