Garfield: The Movie

Roll over Beethoven and make way for Garfield. That's right. Thanks to CGI, Bill Murray's voice over and the guy who brought us "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey", the world's most popular comic strip feline has finally made it to the big screen. For a cat with that kind of ego – it's about time!

This orange fur ball has it made! Parked on his furry behind, lazing the day away in front of the television, Garfield only exerts energy when feasting on lasagna, hurling insults at his owner Jon (Breckin Meyer) or bullying the neighbourhood talking cats (and even then it's to get more food).

But for a cat who thinks he's got the whole world in his paw, Garfield is in for one big surprise. When Jon takes him to visit the beautiful vet, Liz Wilson (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and comes back with Odie: a clueless, dim-witted dog, Garfield's ego (and pouting snout) are in for a bruising. Jon, anxious to spend time with Liz outside the vet's office, zealously welcomes Odie into his home, leaving Garfield out to dry. Garfield's reaction: out Odie. But when the poor hound disappears into the clutches of local celebrity, Happy Chapman (Stephen Tobolowsky), Garfield feels a sense of responsibility. With slap-stick, catty-humour and the kind of one liners my kid brother will be repeating for days on end, Garfield embarks on one impossible mission (especially for a cat who can't make it past the sidewalk let alone the sofa without wolfing down another box of lasagna): to venture outside his cushy cul-de-sac throne and save Odie.

DVD Special Features:
-.An inside look…. Brings you into the production of the film
-The Music video
-Upcoming releases

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