Get Smart: Season 4

Though they have been dancing around the mulberry bush for three seasons now I was still shocked when Maxwell Smart (played by Don Adams) and Agent 99 (played by Barbara Feldon) finally succumb to their feeling. Taking even one step further they then get married in season four.

Life for these newlyweds is complicated by their jobs. What with having to deal with missile explosions, airfights, fencing with a man in a wheelchair, disappearing couriers, and toxic neighbours to name a few disturbances. The thing that remains the same as before is that Maxwell Smart is the goofiest secret agent this side of Inspector Clouseau.

Episode 1: The Impossible Mission: Maxwell and Agent 99 are assigned to get a deadly scientific theory back from KAOS.

Episode 2: Snoopy Smart vs. The Red Baron: Maxwell and Agent 99 visit her mother (played by Jane Dulo) in Idaho and danger follows them even there.

Episode 3: Closely Watched Planes: CONTROL couriers are disappearing on planes.

Episode 4: The Secret of Sam Vittorio: Maxwell and Agent 99 pay a visit to the dying Sam Vittorio to try to get him to reveal the location of some stolen loot.

Episode 5: Diamond's Are a Spy's Best Friend: While buying Agent 99's engagement ring, Maxwell witnesses a burglary.

Episode 6: The Worst Best Man: Each man that Maxwell chooses to be his best man has a mysterious accident.

Episode 7: The Return of the Ancient Mariner: Admiral Hardgrade (played by ) stays at Maxwell's apartment as he under the threat of a kidnapping.

Episode 8: With Love and Twitches: It is Maxwell and Agent 99's wedding day and the groom almost doesn't make it.

Episode 9: The Laser Blazer: Maxwell is given a blazer by a Chinese merchant and is unaware that it is a weapon.

Episode 10: The Farkas Frakas: Agent 99 is not aware that her next door neighbours are secret KAOS agents.

Episode 11: Temporarily Out of CONTROL: Maxwell and the Chief (played by Edward Platt) realize that they have to get off the ship if they want to stop a KAOS plot.

Episode 12: Schwartz's Island: It puts a damper on Maxwell and Agent 99's honeymoon cruise when their sailboat blows up.

Episode 13: One Nation Invisible: Maxwell has to bring the scientist Dr. Canyon (played by Lyn Peters) into CONTROL camp and does so without realizing that Dr. Canyon is a beautiful woman.

Episode 14: Hurray for Hollywood: Maxwell and Agent 99 infiltrate a theatre troupe as the Chief believes KAOS is using it to send communications through.

Episode 15: The Day They Raided the Knights: KAOS gets their hands on a secret weapon and it is up to Maxwell and Agent 99 to get it back.

Episode 16: Tequila Mockingbird: Maxwell and Agent 99 pose as flamenco dancers while in Mexico searching for hidden jewels.

Episode 17: I Shot 86 Today: Maxwell and Agent 99 plan to be on a golf course next to a centre that KAOS has targeted for destruction.

Episode 18: Absorbe the Greek: The Chief starts seeing a younger woman.

Episode 19: To Sire, With Love, Part 1: At a masked ball the Chief switches King Charles for Max and Agent 99 has a hard time telling them apart.

Episode 20: To Sire, With Love, Part 2: Agent 99's confusion between King Charles and Max causes some marital tension.

Episode 21: Shock It to Me: Dr. Erick Zharko (played by Tom Poston) hooks Agent 99 and Maxwell up to a Dr. Frankenstein-like contraption and plans to put them into a 5 year sleep.

Episode 22: Leadside: Maxwell captures a criminal in a wheelchair named Leadside who vows to escape, destroy CONTROL and kill Maxwell.

Episode 23: Greer Window: After Maxwell is shot in the bum he is in a wheelchair and housebound.

Episode 24: The Not-So-Great-Escape, Part 1: Agents and the Chief are disappearing at airports.

Episode 25: The Not-So-Great-Escape, Part 2: The Chief realizes that there must be a double agent within CONTROL.

Episode 26: A Tale of Two Tails: Maxwell works as an instructor at spy school.

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