Get Smart: Season 5

Possible the world's worst secret agent! It is amazing that Maxwell Smart gets anything done! Except make us laugh!

Episode 1: Pheasant Under Glass: CONTROL's mission is to rescue Dr. Milo Pheasant (played by Peter Brocco)

Episode 2: Ironhand: The new head of KAOS is Ironhand (played by Paul Richards), the man with an iron fist.

Episode 3: Valerie of the Dolls: KAOS plans to destroy all of California by smuggling in dolls with explosives in them.

Episode 4: Widow Often Annie: The Chief (played by Edward Platt) orders Maxwell (played by Don Adams) to romance Ann Cameron (played by Dana Wynter), a woman suspected of killing her 12 husbands for their money.

Episode 5: The treasure of C. Errol Madre: KAOS manages to get their hands on CONTROL's payroll.

Episode 6: Smart Fell on Alabama: Maxwell has to train three convicts to break into a mansion to locate the Red Code Book.

Episode 7: And Baby Makes Four, Part 1: Maxwell and Agent 99 (played by Barbara Feldon) take the wrong way and end up at KAOS's headquarters rather than the maternity ward.

Episode 8: And Baby Makes Four, Part 2: Agent 99 gives birth to twins.

Episode 9: Physician: Impossible: Thinking they are a doctor and a nurse, Maxwell and Agent 99 are kidnapped and forced to operate on a gangster.

Episode 10: The Apes of Rath: Several agents are killed by someone with incredible strength and the only clue is a banana peel.

Episode 11: Age Before Duty: Maxwell is perplexed when his young contact dies of old age.

Episode 12: Is this Trip Necessary?: A mad scientist is threatening to poison the Washington water system.

Episode 13: Ice Station Siegfried: A KAOS plot leads to Maxwell and the Chief being snowed in in Miami.

Episode 14: Moonlighting Becomes You: In order to get a secret KAOS code Agent 99 moonlights as the secretary of a radio personality.

Episode 15: House of Max, Part 1: Agent 99 and Maxwell travel to London to try and catch a modern-day Jack the Ripper.

Episode 16: House of Max, Part 2: Maxwell pretends to be Hitler's sculptor in order to spy on a KAOS scientist.

Episode 17: Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm: Maxwell accidentally drops a package from an airplane and has to deal with the odd inhabitants of the mansion it lands on.

Episode 18: The Mess of Adrian Listenger: While attending the funeral of a murdered agent, Maxwell and the Chief are stunned to find a headstone with Max's name on it.

Episode 19: Witness for the Execution: Maxwell is assigned to protect a KAOS agent.

Episode 20: How Green was My Valet: Maxwell and Agent 99 poses as a valet and a maid in order to try to get their hands on a stolen sample of rocket fuel.

Episode 21: And Only Two Ninety-Nine: Maxwell comes home from work to find Agent 99 in bed with a black eye.

Episode 22: Smartacus: Maxwell and the Chief investigate a leak that seems to have something to do with a chain of spas.

Episode 23: What's It All About, Algie?: Maxwell pretends to be a gardener to infiltrate a nursery that is producing plants that spy on people.

Episode 24: Hello, Columbus – Goodbye, America: CONTROL has to convince a descendent of Columbus not to sell America to KAOS.

Episode 25: Do I Hear a Vaults?: The Chief and Maxwell meet at a public library in order to recover a book containing the names of all agents.

Episode 26: I Am Curiously Yellow: The Whip (played by Robert Middleton) uses a gong in order to hypnotize Maxwell.

Episode 27: Get Smart, Again!: Dr. Hotentot (played by Roger Price) has developed a machine that can control the world's weather.

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