Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

A true story based on the life of famous brain surgeon Ben Carson (Cuba Gooding Jr. – American Gangster, Radio), a man who managed to change the course of surgical history while managing to fight through all the obstacles he ran up against.

As a young boy Ben Carson did not have a great start to life. Living in a state of poverty, prejudice and coming from a broken family, Ben had everything stacked up against him. Due to all the outside distractions Ben was not a very good student and school just made him angry. Despite his low grades and bad moods his mother never gave up on him as she saw his potential. Not allowing him to abandon his studies, his mother urged him to forge on. She was always there supporting him in whatever way she could.

Due to his mother's faith in and devotion to him, Ben is able to become a surgeon. He begins to believe in himself and accomplish what he once believed to be impossible. Once he attains his goal of being a neurosurgeon Ben becomes a man who makes a difference in many lives.

In what is obviously a very inspirational made-for-television film, Cuba Gooding Jr. reminds everyone that he is a capable actor. When he chooses projects with decent scripts, that is. He does such a good job that you forget that he is not the actual man, but an actor.

Sometimes the film gets a little bogged down and slow. It will frustrate some of you, but hang in there as it is worth it. Even if you have no interest in the science in the film the human element will surely draw you in. A great message for anyone that you can achieve almost anything as long as you put your mind to it.

Special Features:
-Behind the Scenes of Gifted Hands
-Triumph and Inspiration: The Journey of Dr. Ben Carson
-Previews of The Lost and Found Family, Faith Like Potatoes, Not Easily Broken, The Note, The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love, and Fireproof

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