Girlfriends: The Complete First Season

This is a television series about four African American women are best friends who all have their issues. They all have man, relationship, moral, and friendship issues. I wasn't expecting much from the series, but was pleasantly surprised when I watched it. It is fun, smart, zany, and enjoyable. The four female characters have been perfectly cast and they work well together. Sometimes stereotypes about women come in to play (there is a gold digger, a feminist who is sexually liberated and a financially successful woman who is pathetic in matters of the heart), but they are not offensive just occasionally lazy. It is refreshing to see a female-centered sitcom where the females turn to each other for strength and guidance rather than the men in their lives. The relationships have realistic ups and downs while also providing much fodder for humour.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Toe Sucking: Toni (Jill Marie Jones – first television series) does a no-no by dating Joan's (Tracee Ellis Ross – Daddy's Little Girls) ex.

Episode 2: One Night Stand?: Joan has not had sex in a long while and is egged on by her girlfriends to have a one-night stand.

Episode 3: Girlfrenzy: Toni is now doubtful about the depth of her and Joan's friendship when Joan does not jump to her defense when Toni gets into a bar fight.

Episode 4: Hip-Ocracy: Joan meets a guy online who is not what he said he was. Toni does not want to date dark-skinned men.

Episode 5: I Pity the Fool: Joan needs all her girlfriends' help to break up with her boyfriend.

Episode 6: The Remains of the Date: Joan tries to figure out a way to get back at William (Reginald C. Hayes – Charlie's Angels, Being John Malkovich) for scaring her every Halloween.

Special Features:
-Previews of Charmed: Season 1-7, Beverly Hills 90210: Season 1, Melrose Place: Season 1, CSI: Miami, CSI, CSI: NY, Numb3rs, Medium, and The 4400

Disc Two:
Episode 7: Everything Fishy Ain't Fish: Joan does not know what to do when she sees Darnell (Khalil Kain – Renaissance Man), Maya's (Golden Brooks – Beauty Shop, Timecode) husband, in what she believes to be a compromising position.

Episode 8: Pregnant Pause: Having some pregnancy symptoms makes Joan freak out about the possibility of really being pregnant. Lynn (Persia White – Blue Chips) is reliving her white teen years.

Episode 9: Fried Turkey: Joan declares that she is not going to make a big meal for Thanksgiving so everyone makes alternate plans leaving her alone.

Episode 10: Never a Bridesmaid: Joan agrees to allow Maya to experience her dream wedding in Joan's house, but it ends up putting much pressure on their friendship.

Episode 11: The Importance of Being Frank: The man Joan is dating turns out to be married…or is he?

Episode 12: The List: A list of the qualities their perfect man would have starts invading the dreams of all the girlfriends.

Disc Three:
Episode 13: They Gotta Have It: Joan is upset and confused about her boyfriend's disinterest in sex. Toni gets back together with Greg (Chuma Hunter-Gault – appeared in episodes of Without a Trace and Law & Order).

Episode 14: Bad Timing: It is Valentine's Day and Joan has to make the decision between Sean (Dondre Whitfield – Mr. 3000, Bright Lights, Big City) and Davis (Randy J. Goodwin – appeared in episodes of 24 and CSI: Miami).

Episode 15: Old Dog: Joan realizes that worrying about pleasing Sean in bed is not what she should be worrying about. Maya finds out she has a fibroid tumor.

Episode 16: Friends, Colleagues, Brothers: Joan and William get into a fight at work over whether friendship, racial or gender allegiance should be stronger.

Episode 17: The Declaration of Lynndependance: Lynn has enrolled herself in yet another Master's program and this infuriates Joan and Toni. The intervention they stage ends up teaching them as well.

Episode 18: Diss-Regard: Joan is spending all her time with Sean and this upsets her friends. Maya goes in for surgery.

Disc Four:
Episode 19: A Kiss Before Lying: Sean is not comfortable with Joan's friendship with Davis. He tells her she cannot see Davis anymore and so Joan has a decision to make.

Episode 20: The Burning Vagina Monologues: Sean not saying that he loves her is freaking Joan out. Toni tries to date both Greg and Clay (Phil Morris – Wag the Dog, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock).

Episode 21: Loose Lips Sink Relationships: Joan accidentally tells Greg about Toni and Clay and that Toni plans to dump Greg. Toni decides that she really wants Greg, but it is too late.

Episode 22: Jamaic-Up?: Joan has to tell Toni that she let is slip to Greg when Toni tells them she is marrying another man. When Toni finds out Joan told Greg she leaves Jamaica.

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