Girlfriends: The Fifth Season

These four best friends are like the black version of "Sex in the City". It's similar except with less nudity, funnier and their male best friend is not gay. Joan, Toni, Maya, and Lynn are the closest of friends and dress cool. What more could you want from a comedy series?

Episode 1: L.A. Bound: Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross – Daddy's Little Girls) follows William (Reginald C. Hayes – Charlie's Angels – 2000, Being John Malkovich) to New York in order to tell him she loses him.

Episode 2: The Rabbit Died: Toni (Jill Marie Jones – The Longshots) tells her friends that she is pregnant and they don't believe her.

Episode 3: A Mile in her Loubous: Joan asks her dull, foot fetishist shoe salesman to be her date at Maya's (Golden Brooks – Beauty Shop, Timecode) birthday in the hopes of making William jealous.

Episode 4: The J-Spot: Joan's dream of opening a restaurant is in jeopardy because she lacks the funding.

Episode 5: Maybe, Baby: Toni has to decide whether she wants to become a mother or not.

Episode 6: Too Big for her Britches: Maya, after her agent gets her a three book deal, quits her job as William's assistant.

Episode 7: The Mother of all Episode: Joan's stress level shoots through the roof when her mother Carol (Joan Pringle – Original Sin, Gia) arrives for a visit.

Episode 8: When Hearts Attack: Believing that she is had a heart attack makes Joan reconsider her feelings for William.

Episode 9: Who's Your Daddy?: Lynn's (Persia White – Blue Chips) adoptive father gets jealous when her biological father arrives for a visit.

Episode 10: Porn to Write: Maya no longer has a publisher so she starts working as a writer for a porn magazine.

Episode 11: All the Creatures were Stirring: With Joan gone for the holidays her friends have a fun Christmas without the "Joan Rules".

Episode 12: P.D.A.-D.O.A.: William is convinced that Joan has feelings for her ex-boyfriend.

Episode 13: All in a Panic: Joan panics when she finds out that the chef she has hired is an ex-girlfriend of William's.

Episode 14: Great Sexpectations: Joan's plans to make her and William's first Valentines together doesn't quite work out.

Episode 15: The Way we Were: Maya thinks that Darnell (Khalil Kain – Love Jones) might want her back.

Episode 16: See J-Spot Run: Joan's publicist quits on the eve of the opening.

Episode 17: Good News, Bad News: Lynn gets offered the job of being a trip hop band's lead singer over her brother, Matthew (Aldis Hodge – Happy Feet, American Dreamz).

Episode 18: Finn-ished: Lynn has a fling with her bandmate Finn (Tricky) and begins to have real feelings for him.

Episode 19: The Bridges of Fresno County: Toni thinks her mother (Jennifer Lewis – Cars, Madea's Family Reunion) is having an affair.

Episode 20: Wedding on the Rocks: While drunk Darnell confesses his love for Maya on the night before his wedding.

Episode 21: …With a Twist: Lynn confesses her feelings to Finn and quits the band.

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