Girlfriends: The Sixth Season

In the sixth season this funny sitcom finds its four lead female characters living turbulent times. Toni could lose her daughter, Maya remarries and finds it is not easier the second time, Lynn tries to deal with a broken heart, and Joan could lose her restaurant. All this puts pressure on what they value the most – their friendship.

Episode 1: Fits + Starts: Maya (played by Golden Brooks) remarries Darnell (played by Khalil Kain).

Episode 2: Odds + Ends: Lynn (played by Persia White) promises to call off her engagement to Jennifer (played by Rebecca Creskoff).

Episode 3: And Nanny Makes Three: Toni (played by Jill Marie Jones) could lose custody of her daughter.

Episode 4: Latching on an Lashing Out: Maya and Darnell decide to "date".

Episode 5: Judging Edward: William's (played by Reginald C. Hayes) mother has to undergo routine surgery and he returns home to stay with his father (played by Bernie Casey).

Episode 6: Everything Old is New Again: Joan's (played by Tracee Ellis Ross) restaurant is in danger of closing.

Episode 7: Trial and Errors: Toni fights for the custody of her child.

Episode 8: Hot Girl on Girl Action: Lynn is running out of excuses not to sleep with Jennifer.

Episode 9: Sleeping Dogs: Darnell does not want to go to games night at Joan's, which leads to a fight between him and Maya.

Episode 10: My Business, Not Your Business: Joan considers selling her house to keep her restaurant.

Episode 11: The Music in Me: Lynn has trouble adjusting to life without Jennifer.

Episode 12: All God's Children: Todd (played by Jason Pace) offers Toni full custody, but is the catch too much for her to accept?

Episode 13: The It Girl: Joan could not be happier when her restaurant is named to be in the running for Los Angeles's best hot spot.

Episode 14: Work in Progress: Maya blames her friends for Darnell's career change.

Episode 15: Oh Hell Yes: The Seminar: Lynn is upset when Maya leaves her out of a panel she organizes for her workshop on successful black women.

Episode 16: Game Over: Joan and Toni's friendship is hanging by a thread.

Episode 17: I'll Be There For You…But Not Now: Joan, enthralled with her sudden celebrity, no longer has time for her friends.

Episode 18: The Game: Joan's cousin Melanie (played by Tia Mowry) seems to have it all – a boyfriend who is a professional football player and she is attending medical school – but everything is not as it seems.

Episode 19: It's Raining Men: Joan has trouble juggling all her men.

Episode 20: I Don't Want to be a Player No More: Joan thinks that Jevon's (played by Mustafa Shakir) the one.

Episode 21: Party Over Here…Ain't Nothing Over There: Maya, Darnell and Jabari (played by Tanner Scott Richards) move into their new house and Joan puts Toni's custody battle in jeopardy.

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